What does dubious luxury mean

What is luxury? - Definition and usage explained in simple terms

Luxury is a well-known term. But is it an expression of prosperity? Or for prestige? What exactly is luxury? Is it the same for everyone? Are there differences in luxury? You can get an answer to your questions here.

First of all, luxury comes from Latin and means "waste, profligacy, abundant fertility". In a figurative sense, luxury is used to describe behavior, equipment or expenses that go beyond the standard, beyond the usual measure. There are several forms of luxury depending on how you look at a person.

Many strive for material luxury

Material luxury is based on material values, a lot of money is the basis for this. Those who stand out from society through their possessions live in luxury. In today's world, material luxury includes many luxury goods. Material luxury is immediately recognizable as luxury for everyone:

  1. Large houses or villas are considered a luxury, the price for such a property is high and accordingly only reserved for people who have the necessary money.
  2. A corresponding facility with valuable furniture, paintings, fine porcelain and lead crystal glasses is also one of these luxury goods.
  3. Fast, expensive cars are also luxury goods and for many people they are status symbols.
  4. Expensive designer wardrobes, a new pair of shoes for every day and jewelery set with diamonds also represent a life of luxury.
  5. Those who live in material luxury will also travel a lot, spend the night in the most expensive hotels, always surround themselves with the most beautiful things, according to the motto: What does the world cost?

But material luxury is not everything, there are other forms as well.

Intangible luxury matters to many people

This form of luxury is not necessarily immediately attributable to luxury in general from the outside, because it is a personal form of luxury.

  • Many people strive to reward themselves because of their stress. You can afford luxury in a very personal way. With this kind of luxury it is important to them that they do something for themselves, regardless of the opinion of others. For these people, their personal attitude towards life is paramount. A music lover can invest a lot of money in expensive music systems and corresponding sound carriers in order to relax after the strenuous work. This form of luxury is not immediately recognizable for others and is also not a status symbol. It only serves the well-being of the person.
  • Owning certain luxuries can also increase a person's self-esteem without letting other people notice it; for example, owning a small library of their own can satisfy a person without being exposed to the outside world.

Luxury in today's parlance

The term luxury is used for many things, regardless of their material value. Purely ideal values ​​can also be called luxury, it always depends on the feelings of the people. Luxury is not the same for all people either.

  • A person who is always short of time will find times of rest and relaxation a luxury.
  • Especially in today's material time, the small and modest things are becoming luxury goods again. Reading the newspaper in peace with a cup of coffee in the morning, for example, is a kind of luxury for many mothers.
  • A weekend in Paris or another city is already a luxury for many people.
  • A large family in today's child-hostile times can also be described as a luxury.

In general, the word luxury is used for things that deviate from the norm in some way and that represent something special.

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