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The most beautiful story, namely that of coffee beans, goes back a long way in human memory. Completely unexpected and a little nonsensical must an Ethiopian goatherd around 850 AD. to be thanked in many ways. He discovered no more and no less this drink. Mainly because of its effect, which we call a pick-me-up, the coffee bean then wandered across the globe, depending on discoveries and exports, in order to become a ritual, to a special moment that depends on the continent, country and culture is codified and practiced in various ways. It's no secret that coffee beans were not a victim of discrimination. We always found a place for him in our everyday life. Take the test: depending on the region, your coffee beans are prepared and enjoyed in 1001 different ways. If you add the differences in cultivation, regions, varieties and roasting, you will find that coffee beans are an attractive and exciting topic, but also a topic full of misunderstandings. Especially with the advent of the coffee pod, coffee got bad press, and rightly so. The capsule is increasingly polluting and offers very few alternatives in the way you drink your coffee. Fortunately, habits develop and you realize that we have to take care of our planet. You will also discover that coffee beans are so full of complexity and aromatic intensity that you will no longer consider drinking it from a capsule that an industry trick made it into. You are ready to become part of this committed and natural consciousness. And yet you will feel a little lost with the perhaps too large selection of coffee beans from large companies and artisanal roasters in your region. Luckily for you that your curiosity led you to CoffeeAvenue, a reference site that is actively committed to promoting Swiss craftsmanship, and especially specialty coffee. With CoffeeAvenue you can be sure that all the coffees on offer come from Swiss roasters.