Goyenda Ginni Episode 107 Chow

Goyenda Ginniwas one of the most loved Bengali TV serials when it aired from 2015 to 2016. It starred Indrani Haldar in the lead role as a housewife who turns into a professional detective while juggling her household duties at the same time, and made for many an exciting afternoon for us as she solved case after case! Goyenda Ginni is back on the ZEE5 platform so you can watch it anytime you like now. Here are six episodes to help you choose which ones to start with when streaming the show. Check them out!

The first episode of the show introduces us to the Mitra family, where Paroma (played by Indrani Haldar) is the eldest daughter-in-law and the backbone that holds everyone together. Disha, her sister-in-law, is about to get married and is given an ancestral crown, a precious family heirloom. This is supposed to be kept safely inside a cupboard, but suddenly goes missing. The family is perturbed, but there is a mystery that needs to be solved, which Paroma takes upon herself to do! Thus begins her foray into investigation, so watch to know what happens next!