Where is it 2 p.m.

Double time 14:14

The message the angels are sending to you through 2:14 pm is very simple: you should set aside anything that is not helpful in your life. If you think your everyday life is not what it should be, change it! Do not stay in a situation that burdens you, but make yourself free!

You would like to move forward. For you, inaction is a source of instability and a waste of time. The constant movement in different areas of your life gives you life, but be aware that it is sometimes difficult for others to keep up and this can lead to fatigue or misunderstanding in those around you.

But do not be afraid, because experiencing the double hour 14:14 is really positive, at least according to the angels' interpretation. This double time is about good news. Even if you face difficult challenges, your situation will improve. You will finally have a taste of happiness and you deserve it!

In this moment you are in control of your life and you will reap the fruits of your labor. At work, you should soon be signing a contract or getting the promotion you've been waiting for. In a romantic way, the angel announces an encounter or a positive development in your relationship with your partner.