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On "Of time and the river" by Thomas Wolfe

The most important attempt Over the time until then, Ulrich was able to shake his head today, as if one were telling him about his soul wandering; not about the third of his attempts. It can be understood that an engineer is absorbed in his particularity instead of flowing into the freedom and breadth of the world of thought, although his machines are delivered to the ends of the earth; but he does not need to be due to transfer the Kulme and Nene of the soul of his technology to his private soul any more than a machine is able to apply the infinitesimal equations on which it is based to itself. But that cannot be said of mathematics; there is the new doctrine of thought itself, the spirit itself, cherishing the sources of time and the origin of a monstrous transformation. When it is the realization of primal dreams to be able to fly and to travel with the fish, to pierce under the bodies of mountain giants, to send messages at divine speeds, to see and hear the invisible and distant, to hear the dead speak, to hear oneself to be immersed in miraculous recovery, to be able to see with living eyes what one will look like twenty years after his death, to know a thousand things above and below this world in shimmering nights that no one previously knew, when light, warmth, power, Enjoyment and comfort are the primary dreams of mankind - then today's research is not just science, but a magic, a ceremony of the highest power of heart and brain, before which God opens one fold of his cloak after the other, a religion whose dogmatics depends on the hard, courageous, agile, razor-cool and sharp thinking theory of mathematics is permeated and carried. However, it cannot be denied that, in the opinion of the Niclitmatlicmatists, all of these primal dreams were suddenly realized in a completely different way than originally imagined. M√ľnchhausen's post horn was more beautiful than the factory-made voice box, the seven-mile screech more beautiful than a motor vehicle, Laurin's empire more beautiful than an iron balm, the magic root more beautiful than a picture telegraph of eating from the heart of his mother and verlining the birds, more beautiful than an animal psychological study of the expressive movements of the people Bird's voice. Reality has been won and dreams have been lost. You no longer lie under a tree and look between your big and second toes at the sky, you create; You mustn't be hungry and dreamy if you want to be efficient, you have to eat beefsteak and stir. It is exactly as if the old inept human kind had fallen asleep on an anthill, and when the new woke up the ants had crept into its blood, and since then it has had to perform the most tremendous movements without being able to shake off that lousy feeling of animal activity . You really don't need to talk much about it, most people today are already aware that mathematics has run like a demon into all the turns of our lives. Perhaps not all of these people believe aand the story of the devil to whom one can sell one's soul; but all people who have to understand something of the soul because they, as clergymen, historians and artists, get a good income from it, testify that it has been ruined by mathematics and that mathematics is the source of an evil mind which mankind make me master of the earth, but slave to the machine. The inner drought, the monstrous mixture of sharpness in detail and indifference as a whole, the tremendous abandonment of man in a desert of details, his restlessness, malice, indifference of heart without equal, money addiction, coldness and violence that characterize our time According to these reports, it is solely the result of the losses that a logically sharp thinking inflicts on the soul! And so, even back then, when Ulrich became a mathematician, there were people who predicted the collapse of European culture because there was no longer any belief, no love, no simplicity, no goodness in people, and it is significant that they are all in their youth - and were bad mathematicians at school. This later proved to them that mathematics, the mother of exact natural science, the grandmother of technology, is also the archmother of the spirit from which poisonous gases and fighter planes finally arose. In ignorance of these dangers only the mathematicians themselves and their students lived, the naturalists, who felt as little of all this in their souls as racing drivers who diligently kick it off and notice nothing in the world like the back wheel of the man in front of them. Of Ulrich, on the other hand, one could say with certainty that he loved mathematics because of the people who couldn't stand it. He was less scientifically than humanly in love with science. He sali that she thinks differently than ordinary people in all questions where she considers herself responsible. If, instead of scientific views, one were to use an outlook on life, instead of hypothesis, trial and instead of truth, action, there would be no life's work of a respectable natural scientist or madymatic who in courage and subversion would not far surpass the greatest deeds in history. The man was not yet born who could have said to his believers: steal, murder, commit fornication - our teaching is so strong that it turns the manure of your sins into foamy mountain waters; But in science it happens every few years that something that was previously considered a mistake suddenly reverses all views or that an inconspicuous and despised thought becomes the ruler of a new realm of thought, and such occurrences are not just overturns there, but lead up like a ladder to heaven. Science is as strong and carefree and wonderful as a fairy tale. And Ulrich felt: people just don't know that; they have no idea how to think; if they could be taught to rethink, they would live differently. Now one will of course ask oneself whether it is so wrong in the world that it must always be turned around? But the world itself has long since given two answers. Because since it existed, most people in their youth have been in favor of turning around. They found it ridiculous that the elderly clung to the existing and thought with their hearts, a piece of Heisch, instead of their brains. These younger people have always noticed that the moral stupidity of the elderly is as much a blemish of new connectivity as ordinary intellectual stupidity, and their natural morality has been one of achievement, heroism, and change. Nevertheless, as soon as they got into the years of realization, they knew nothing more about it and wanted to know even less. That is why many who have a profession in mathematics or natural science find it an abuse to choose a science for reasons such as Ulrich. Nonetheless, according to an expert judgment, he had achieved quite a bit in this third profession since he had taken it years ago.