How to get cat eyes with botox

Crazy OP trend CAT-EYES

Cat eyes through canthoplasty or thread lift?

Sexy and mysterious, that's what patients want to look like who want to follow the trend of cat eyes. Some celebrities are showing how it is, Kim Kardashian or Bella Hadid already have the dramatic look and the slanted eyes. But how useful is such an intervention?

The cat-eyes have already appeared in the past, Audrey Hepburn and Brigitte Bardot drove their fans crazy with the special cat-eye eyeliner. Later on, fashionable sunglasses with the shape of cat eyes made further statements. And now this absurd “trend” has arrived in plastic surgery. Celebrities, stars and starlets want to look even more beautiful and mysterious with the "Bella Eyes" or "Foxy Eyes" in real life and with the Insta filter.

If the desire for cat eyes is so great that one would like to carry out an operation, there are two options:

INVASIVE: CAT EYES through canthoplasty.

A canthoplasty is a surgical procedure. The lateral edge of the lid is tightened. It should give the patient a mysterious expression, make the eye more almond-shaped or even more cat-shaped. In such an operation, the lower edge of the eyelid is incised in the outer corner of the eye to gain access to the tendon. Then the edge of the lid is pulled up slightly. The orbicularis oculi muscle is sewn to the periosteum of the temporal bone. The eyelid is set a little higher. If the canthoplasty is performed as part of a lower eyelid tightening and the lower eyelid has too much excess skin, the surgeon removes a small piece of skin near the corner of the eye and brings the edges together so that the tissue is tightened even more.

NON-INVASIVE: CAT EYES through thread lifting.

The thread lifting with PDO threads tightens particularly gently and draws the eyes into the shape of a cat with self-dissolving threads. The surgeon tries to change the downward transverse angle in two directions by placing a PDO thread on the eyebrow and one on the outer part of the eye and pulling it up a little.

When talking about cat eyes, the so-called transversal angle is analyzed. You can find this angle when you draw a line from the inside of the eye next to the nose, out to the outer point of the eyes. If this line runs upwards, one speaks of a positive transverse angle, if it runs downwards, it is called a negative. If it is negative, the facial expression can be impaired, you appear sad, tired and limp.

Positive or negative corner of the eye

Seldom makes sense.

In summary it can be said that we are very critical of this “trend”. A cat-eye treatment is just for us in a few cases aesthetically sensible, namely when the negative transverse angle can be changed to positive. PDO threads can counteract the tired-looking face - the cat's eye makes the angle appear positive and highlights the eyes. The face appears more prominent. We reject everything else, cat eyes as a new ideal of beauty to look like your idol.