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Moment heroic officer gets shot, then fires back at fugitive drug dealer who killed a cop

New video shows the moment a heroic cop risked his own life to take down a drug dealer who killed a fellow officer during a traffic stop.

Omar Felix Cueva, 39, stepped out of his pick-up truck on February 4 east of Deming, New Mexico with an AR-15-style rifle and killed Officer Darian Jarrott with 11 shots. He fled the scene and a 40-mile chase ensued.

The new video taken from Las Cruces Police Officer Adrian De La Garza's lapel camera shows what happened next.

In the video, De La Garza can be seen executing a PIT (pursuit intervention technique) maneuver to spin Cueva's car out and force him to stop.


New dramatic video shows Officer Adrian De La Garza exchanging gunfire with a suspect

The video shows De La Garza performing a PIT maneuver to stop his vehicle before coming face-to-face with the gunman

De La Garza then jumps out of the driver's side of his vehicle and briefly appears to come face-to-face with Cueva before shots are fired and the officer appears to be hit in the bicep.

De La Garza appears to be injured as he falls backwards to the ground, groaning audibly.

He rolls around on the ground for a moment before pulling himself back up and approaching Cueva, firing shots all along.

After Cueva is on the ground, De La Garza slowly backs away as other officers approach the suspect.

At one point, De La Garza was shot by Omar Felix Cueva, 39

But De La Garza managed to pull himself up and get back into the gunfight

Cueva was ultimately killed after a gunfight with multiple officers

'He got hit, he got hit,' says one officer as De La Garza is assessed for injuries.

The camera then drops to the ground as De La Garza is stripped out of his vest and equipment and medical treatment begins.

'You're gonna be fine buddy,' one person says to De La Garza.

KFOX14 reports that De La Garza is still recovering from the injuries he sustained in the shootout.

Footage previously released from earlier in the day showed Cueva execute Jarrott during a traffic stop.

The sickening footage shows Cueva stepping out of the driver's side of his Chevrolet pick-up truck with an AR-15-style rifle before firing one shot at Jarrott over the rear of the vehicle.

Jarrott, 28, fell to the ground, at which point Cueva walked over to him and shot him several more times, including once point-blank in the head.

He then took off in his truck and led a 40-mile police chase.

Seconds before the video, the officer had asked Cueva - who was supposedly on his way to a drug deal - to hand over his rifle, which appears to have sparked his murderous act.

After walking over to the passenger-side window of Cueva's white pick-up, footage shows the officer politely saying: 'Good afternoon, sir. My name is Darian Jarrott. I'm with New Mexico State Police. The reason for the stop is your window tint is a little too dark. '

Pictured: Officer Adrian De La Garza, who is recovering from injuries sustained in the shooting

Darian Jarrott (left) was killed by Omar Felix Cueva (right) earlier on February 4

Cueva mutters something intelligible, lapel and patrol car video released by police shows.

Jarrott says, 'Yeah, mind if I open the door? Or if you want to roll down the window more. '

The conversation lasts around three minutes, with the officer asking if Cueva had insurance, to which he replies 'yes', and confirming his name, before asking the criminal to come over to his patrol car so he could run checks.

Cueva opens his car door, at which point Jarrott notices his rifle. Jarrott asked, 'You have a firearm on you, do you mind if I take that off you, for my own safety?'

The moment before the shooting shows Cueva opening the driver's door of his truck with Jarrott on the other side. Source: Police Activity YouTube

As both men slowly walk parallel with each other towards the patrol car, Cueva suddenly draws the rifle, with Jarrott shouting 'oh s ***' before being hit

The criminal then shoots him several more times off camera and slowly pulls away, leaving the officer's dead body by the side of the road (right - obscured by pixelation)

The officer then says, 'Let's go to my vehicle, OK', which is when Cueva gets out from the driver's seat holding the rifle. Jarrott is unable to see that because his view is blocked by the pick-up.

Both men slowly walk parallel with each other towards the patrol car, before Cueva suddenly draws the rifle, with Jarrott shouting 'oh s ***' before being hit.

The criminal then shoots him several more times off camera and slowly pulls away, leaving the officer's dead body by the side of the road.

After the shooting, a Homeland Security Investigations agent arrived and informed New Mexico State Police dispatch that Jarrott was down.

Two officers exchanged fire with Cueva as he was fleeing eastbound down Interstate 10 as the chase continued.

When officers finally were able to catch up with Cueva, De La Garza spun Cueva's car out.

Cueva exited his vehicle with a firearm and shot towards officers, who fired back, striking Cueva multiple times.

De La Garza was ultimately airlifted to a Texas hospital, but was treated and released with unspecified, non-life threatening injuries.

Jarrott, meanwhile, was buried in a private ceremony a week after the shooting, according to KFOX14.

After his burial, family, friends, and colleagues paid tribute to the fallen officer.

'You have sacrificed your time with Darian to allow him to do what he loved and we are all better for it,' said NMSP Chief Robert Thornton. 'Your love and support molded Darian to be a great father, son, brother, nephew, and man.'

Jarrott left behind a pregnant wife, as well as three young children. A memorial GoFundMe raised over $ 100,000 in Jarrott's honor.

Police officer standing over Cueva's body after the deadly gun battle on the highway

'More than anything, Darian was a great family man,' added his best friend, Officer Marco Valle, according to KRQE. 'He worked extremely hard for his kids. One thing he looked forward to the most, was his kids hugging him after shift. He loved hunting with his dad and his sister and let's not forget he was a big mama’s boy. '

Cueva's history was also scrutinized in the aftermath of the deadly incident. From 1994 to 2010, Cueva had a number of charges filed against him in California.

Those charges include vandalism, possession of a controlled substance twice, importation of a controlled substance twice, importation of cocaine, fictitious check / false check / burglary, a probation violation, and possession with intent of crystal meth or ICE, according to KFOX14.

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