How to authenticate hermes lindy

How to authenticate Hermes Bags by reading the blind stamp

Hermes leather items should have a blind stamp. Hermes uses letters in alphabetical order to date the pockets surrounded by a shape. No molds were used from 1945 to 1970. A circular shape is used from 1971 to 1996. A square shape has been used from 1997 to the present day. The list shows the year and the letter that would be stamped on the bag based on that year. At the top of every list is the shape in which the letter would be framed. How to authenticate Hermes Bags by reading the blind stamp

Additional numbers / letters next to the blind stamp indicate the area in which the bag manufacturer works.

No form Hermes Blind Stamp Guide

Circle Hermes Blind Stamp Guide

Square Hermes Blind Stamp Guide

1945 A1971 A1997 A
1946 B1972 B1998 B.
1947 c1973 C1999 C
1948 D1974 D2000 D
1949 E.1975 E.2001 E.
1950 F1976 F.2002 F.
1951 G1977 G2003 G.
1952 H.1978 H.2004 H.
1953 I.1979 I.2005 I.
1954 J1980 J2006 J
1955 K1981 K2007 K
1956 L1982 L2008 L
1957 M1983 M2009 M.
1958 N1984 N.2010 N.
1959 O1985 O2011 O
1960 P.1986 P.2012 P
1961 Q1987 Q2013 Q
1962 R1988 R2014 R (late production had no square)
1963 p1989 p2015 T (without square)
1964 T1990 T2016 X (without square)*
1965 U1991 U2017 A (without square)
1966 V1992 V2018 C (without square)
1967 W1993 W2019 D (without square)
1968 X1994 X2020 Y (without square)
1969 Y1995 Y2021 Z (without square)
1970 Z1996 Z

* Birkin & Kelly Bags have had the blind stamp in the back left corner on the inside of the respective bag since 2016. Before 2016, the blind stamp was stamped on the inside of the right “clasp”.

The letter [S] in a square does not exist. Hermès Paris didn't want to confuse people with the employee sales stamp. Therefore, [R] is currently the last letter in a square.

Exotic leather

A square represents Alligator skin.

Double points(..) stands for Niloticus Crocodile.

Caret(^) stands for Porosus Crocodile.

hyphen(-) stands for Lizard skin.

Rare stamps How to authenticate Hermes Bags by reading the blind stamp

Horse shoe

The Hermès stamp "Horse Shoe" is a special order. Hermès only invites selected customers to create their own Birkin or Kelly, they can choose all the details on the bags themselves. The special orders are then sent to the atelier in Paris, where artisans assemble the bags. Sometimes these orders can take years. This is the ultimate dream.

Shooting star

The Shooting Star stamp is a special bag designed by Hermès for friends and family. Hermès enables craftsmen to “make their own bags” once a year. These bags are known to be the best as a lot of love and care has gone into making the bags.

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