How many yottabytes in a gigabyte

How many MB (megabytes) are in a GB (gigabyte) - Explanation

How many megabytes (MB) are gigabytes (GB)? Some speak of 1000, others of 1024 - but where does the difference come from and what is really true? We try to unravel the "mystery" for you.

A byte consists of 8 bits - everyone agrees on that. When it comes to the question of how many megabytes a gigabyte, how many kilobytes a megabyte or how many gigabytes a terabyte - opinions differ. However, the whole thing has a relatively simple explanation.

For all those who don't have a long explanation, but rather just the answer need:

How many MB is a GB? - 1000 vs. 1024

The fact that many people are still of the conviction that 1024 megabytes equals one gigabyte is mainly due to the fact that machines and people calculate differently and it until 1996 simply no matching prefixes who made this difference clear.

The prefixes Kilo, Mega, Giga, Tera and so on come from the Decimal system, so the usual decimal system. Kilo stands for 1,000 or the power of ten 10³, mega stands for 1 million (10⁶) and giga for 1 billion (10⁹). The problem here: The computer does not calculate in powers of ten (10ⁿ), but in binary - i.e. in powers of two (2ⁿ). For example, 2¹⁰ bytes results in 1024 bytes.

Until 1996, however, there were no suitable binary prefixes, which is why you simply use the Borrowed prefixes of the decimal system has, even if this means that there is a difference between the displayed and actual storage space. The binary prefixes are made up of the first syllable of the decimal prefixes and an appended "bi", which stands for "binary": Kibi, Mebi, Gibi etc.

If you want to know more about the binary storage space specifications, you should read the following article: Gibibyte, Mebibyte, Kibibyte - What is that supposed to be?

Nowadays a distinction is therefore made between Gigabyte = 1000 megabytes and Gibibyte = 1024 Mebibyte ... even if Microsoft's operating systems still do not want to bow to it.

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