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Riddles and Charades

I. Riddles.

Which half is made up of a whole? (The half of the marriage.)

What premium are the changers not satisfied with? (With the Adagio.)

Which motifs are the most powerful? (The locomotives.)

Which foot wears neither socks nor boots? (The coin footer.)

Which certificate can you rely on? (On the receipt.)

Which case has something uplifting? (The applause.)

In which school do the pupils have eyes and do not see? (In the nursery.)

When do time and advice come for a day?

(At wedding and marriage.)

Mother. The men, child, are fake cats that flatter the front and scratch the back.

Daughter. We have a lot of mice in the house, I ask for such a cat for me.

Someone was asked why he had given his daughter to his enemy as a wife? (To avenge me.) Was the answer.

What is the similarity between practical doctors and the potato plants? (Both bear the flowers above the ground, but the fruits below the ground.)

What kind of person is the dentist? (It is a person who pulls the teeth of his fellow man so that he can get something to bite for his own.)


II. Riddles and Charades.


1. I grow out of the earth and dress everyone,
From the emperor and the king, up to the beggar.

2. I am the most useful thing on earth,
But nothing equals how I am tortured.
I often have to endure the beating and the bike;
I have to go through the water now and then through the fire.
And everything that has been done to me hard,
Decides the water and the tooth.

3. I grow in the garden and in the field,
The farmer plants and tends me.
You cook the way everyone likes it,
Now sweet me and now pissed off;
Sometimes I'm green, sometimes white, sometimes red,
The rabbit still loves me in death.

Do you attach another sign to me?
Do you see the colors fade
And then suddenly you will be me
No longer find edible.
I become black, as black as I do,
The cook knows that.

4. 1, 2, 3. Your fellow hunters,
Get ready to shoot quickly.
Let the dogs bark bravely,
3, 2, 1 I must have.
2, 1, 3, 2 did
Hunting us sometimes.
1, 2, 3, 3 should not scold,
We reward that with ingratitude.


5th verse I'm halfway
Half of them just trinkets;
Can you guess my whole
So you have mind.

6. Often my first call is often the question
My second is given to each other on the wedding day
Whoever eats it all tastes the wine,
It must have been drunk with it.

7. Sometimes visible, sometimes not, sometimes oversized, sometimes small,
Now here, now elsewhere, and always nothing; alone
If you call me something, nothing, nothing has to be something.

8. What thing cannot be illuminated in the open air?

9.Read me from the back or the front,
I always sound the same;
Because of my long teeth
Clear the field of weeds.
I always do what is roughly clear
The farmer needs me every year.

10.Arabia is my fatherland,
In Germany I get tanned
Finely ground in a mill,
Then I feel hot water torments
Finally, milk is added
Drink me and smoke tobacco with it.

11. The first syllable is an animal that only lives in water,
Without the other, humans and animals cannot walk.
The first does not have the second, but the whole is located
is in a genre of the first and is with some
female garment used.

12. The first syllable is a city in Switzerland, the second
a hard mineral found everywhere; the
Whole a yellow mineral, which for ornament, comfort,
also used for many other things and not
is found everywhere.

13. With G. in your heart it is yours,
With S. in it, hard as stone.
In the forest it says Ch,
With L. it brings you close to your goal.

14. Two heads and two arms,
Six feet and ten toes;
Four feet just moving
How should we understand this?

15. Am I made of wood or straw,
The fire cannot consume me like this.
Embers have never brought me destruction
May it also devastate everything else around

16. You don't cook it, you don't chew it, you don't swallow it,
and yet it tastes good to many

17. It is eaten with L., but it must be cooked
With Z. you like to take it, but uncooked.

18. With ad it's a fruit, but it doesn't grow with us.
With a dress that mostly only corresponds to winter.
With g, a condition when everything fails.

19. Should you be honored as the giver of the whole,
Let the first consume the second in peace.
You'd make the work harder for the first
Did you want to teach her about the second.

20. With the first in the heart
Love tormented me for a long time.
The last one glowed through me
And I complain to her of my urges.
But oh, someone else
Had she promised her heart
And the whole thing would have been in pain
Broke mine soon.

21. The first is half a tone,
The second of love, son and wages,
The whole 'a great, rich patron,
Not a person and yet a person.

A blessing.

22. Where love lives, because I like
Joy is not far from here either,
Rush to the goal on the train
Many of the noble virtues.
Two syllables make up such a word
The blessing trains on and on.
Who desires insufficiently much,
The first is worth nothing to him;
She shows, calculates the man for you,
Which one does not want to name, nor can
The second can be viewed alternately
With children, old people, men, women,

Then you know soldier and priest,
Do you just look at her from the front?
The wanderer takes her on his back,
She is accustomed to press the slave badly.
The pair of syllables gloriously names you
The heart's undemanding ornament,
By what siblings, friends, husbands
The day's work is going well;
The bond of parents, as for children,
No less for master and servants.
This pair of syllables should surround you.
Harmony will float around you
This is how rough the path will be for you,
Yes, you may live peacefully.


23. I am a flower, like purple so red,
But I am also poisonous and bring death.
Am I made of silver, steel or bone,
I can no longer be dangerous like this;
Then I serve for work and against the sting
The smallest of the skewers, I protect you.

24. Where do the wild volcanoes not spit fire?
Where are the lakes and ponds always dry?
Where are the mountains equal to the plains?
Where is peace in every kingdom?

25. You cannot do without the first two.
In every house there is a throne for them;
But you must always defend against their superiority,
Otherwise a great mishap will be your reward.
Just not my second one, its one kind
As a whole, the first will grant you
Have you carefully paired it with metal.

26. I know a sapling very fine and delicate,
That also bears fruit of a rare kind,
It sparkles and shines with a bright glow,
Far into the winter night;
The children see that and are very happy
And pick from the tree and pick it empty.

27.The first are lifeless and belong to the vegetable kingdom,
The last is alive and belongs in the animal kingdom.
The whole thing is very often given away at happy festivals;
Anyone who thinks about a birthday here is probably best advised to do so.

28. One likes to drink the first syllable,
But one likes to eat the whole thing.
When the first born of the last
Then the last will be lost forever.
They are to be regarded as parents of the first,
Who wouldn't want to respect her because of the child?
The child delights everyone's heart
At happy feasts, at dancing and joking.

29. Stitched below, splendid above,
Separated from the middle at the top, it falls ill;
It blooms and dies and teaches
That suffering and joy belong together.

30. The first 'and second' are all the same,
Sound of a consonant;
The third speaks the friend to the friend,
Acquaintances to acquaintances.
Dear reader, you call her.
So you have without much effort
Found the riddle.


31. Sat at the foot of a linden tree
A worm that liked to eat leaves
It crept up with great care
Four cubits each night
And that day it crept again
Two cubits right down from it.
It always did this with so much diligence,
That after nine nights it is known
It came to the summit of the linden tree
And took his new seat.
My reader, now bring
How tall this linden tree is.

32. I am like the hedgehog, with spikes,
But I can't scream, eat, or walk.
I am made of the most filthy animal,
But I still serve you for cleanliness.

33. The first two syllables network fields and meadows,
Refresh arid fields and land.
The last two were usually used for skewers,
Before the powder was invented.
The whole is heaven's most beautiful splendor,
Flashes bright sunshine through damp clouds of power.

34. The first has the whole world,
Because they are innate to everyone.
Woe to him who later lost her;
So everyone thinks of it a lot.
Yes, some loose specimens
Although - that can be measured -
It has no organ to eat
The Lord even feeds them.
The last are - in a word -
Such a variety - foreign to Germany
Of coins that are often called
And yet the thousandth does not know.
The first two applied,
Is it all badly accredited.

35. Great nations serve the first,
The last shine on us on thrones.
The whole is a summer garden ornament;
It is proudly emblazoned here, but odorless.

36. God never sees it, the emperor rarely, the peasant every day.


37. Animals are the first two
In the green of the forest.
My last beat heroes
To be bold in Sweden.
And the whole thing is flawed
Which one brings into the world;
but the doctor's wisdom
Often canceled.

38. The first two know
Nothing of the last two
And yet are for the first
Made the last ones.
The whole thing makes the last for the first,
Until one day it was one of the first.

39. My first be in the image of the Godhead!
This is how it is taught; but angels often and animals,
Often there is even a devil in me;
The weapon of virtue, like the shield of virtue,
The most intimate harmony of souls.
Joy is my second - do you want to marry us,
This is what is called the whole of what morality is in fact and spirit
To practice against your brothers means.


Solving the riddles and characters.


1) flax
2) bread.
3) cabbage, coal.
4) Come, deer, honor, Lord.


5) mind.
6) herring.
7) shade.
8) ditto.
9) harrow.
10) checkout.
11) whalebone.
12) amber.
13) Own, iron, oak, rush.
14) rider.
15) ashes.
16) tobacco.
17) Lentils, Interest.
18) almond, mantle, lack.
19) Banquet.
20) Wehmuth.
21) Fiscus.
22) unity.


23) thimble.
24) map.
25) flint.
26) Christmas tree.
27) bouquet of flowers.
28) grape.
29) rose bush.
30) Cacadu.


31) Twenty cubits.
32) clothes brush.
32) rainbow.
34) nostrils.
35) Imperial Crown.
36) His own kind.
37) Harelip.
38) grave digger.
39) Philanthropy.


Printed by J. Hörling in Halberstadt.

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