What is craft disease

what am I doing here-what will become of you-where do we end?

Based on the chat thread "why me - why you" the idea arose to open a thread on a very special topic.
I would like to open with a quote from "next door".
I think he gets the thoughts rolling quite well.

QUOTE. "Joy89"
I've heard really weird stories about past lives. E.g. from a family with a son. The grandpa had died before the child was born, then the child came, it was about some situation in which the grandpa was involved and then the child said but I know that papa, I had that so and so back then ... and told something about Grandpa that he had never been told before and that he absolutely couldn't know!
With Adam and Eve I heard of the theory that the two do not stand for people. But for the (awakened?) Consciousness. Adam as waking consciousness and Eve as subconscious. But well, you don't know.


No matter who believes what, thoughts are free and theories can be exchanged.
Let's chat philosophically. : o)
My thoughts to life after or what role do we currently play on earth I let it flow in in between. It's enough for today ...

Best regards.