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Microsoft Office is a suite of products that includes Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook.

How to obtain


Office Enterprise is available free of charge to authorized members of the MIT community through MIT's Microsoft Campus Agreement (MSCA).

  • MIT departments may install this software on any MIT-owned computer, provided that it will only be used by current MIT students, staff, or faculty for MIT purposes only.
  • Lincoln Labsoftware portal. (Lincoln Lab certificate required)
  • Students, faculty, and staff have the right to install the software on a personally-owned machine to be used for MIT purposes.
  • Students may also run an additional virtualized copy of MS Office.
  • Affiliates have the right to all applications available through Office 365 ProPlus in a browser on both personal and MIT-owned machines; or pre-installed on MIT-owned machines only.

Downloads (MIT certificate required)


To avoid activation problems, uninstall any OEM version that may be on your computer prior to installing IS & T's Enterprise version of the software.

Activation(keys are not available):

  • On-campus: IS&T downloads of Microsoft Office Enterprise activate via the MIT Network (MITnet)
  • Off-campus: You must be connected to MITnet via Cisco VPN at least once every 180 days to remain operational