How to Unlock Android Patterns Without Password

Forgot Android unlock pattern / password / PIN? So you can still unlock the devices

Forgot Android unlock pattern / password / PIN? So you can still unlock the devices - Cell phones and smartphones contain a lot of personal and important data, which is why providers and customers attach great importance to making the devices secure and protecting them from unauthorized access.

Android offers three standard variants for the screen lock:

  • template: Draw a simple pattern with your finger.
  • pin code: Enter at least 4 digits. As a rule, the longer the PIN, the better the protection.
  • password: Enter at least 4 letters or numbers. A strong password is the most secure screen lock.

There are problems if you have forgotten your own access data and therefore no longer have access to the models. In that case it is not that easy to unlock the cell phones and smartphones again, but in this article we want to show you possibilities that you can use to regain access. In the best case, you use several unlocking methods and can, for example, use your fingerprint to unlock the device even if you have forgotten the PIN.

In principle, however, the following applies: This lock is intended to protect against theft and therefore there is NO possibility to access the data in the devices without additional access data.

Unlock via FindMyDevice

FindMyDevice is the Google service for stolen or lost smartphones and offers a kind of remote maintenance for the models. But you can also lock / unlock the cell phones by setting new access data.

Google writes about it itself:

Lock device: The phone is locked with a PIN, pattern or password. If you haven't already set a lock, you can do so now. You can also have a message or phone number appear on the lock screen so that a potential finder can return the phone to you.

With the newly set PIN or the new password, you can access the models again. But this is only possible if you have registered the devices BEFORE for FindMyDevice. We therefore recommend that you do this quickly after purchasing to secure your smartphones. Access is then possible via this website:

Video: Samsung explains FindMyMobile

Use Smart Lock to unlock

Smart Lock automatically unlocks the devices when, for example, you are in your home Wi-Fi. The device detects safe environments and then turns off the lock. In this way you can bypass PIN or password protection. However, this is only possible if Smart Lock was activated BEFORE. You can do this in the settings of all new Android smartphones without any problems.

In the worst case: factory reset

IMPORTANT: A factory reset will delete ALL data on the models. If you don't have a backup, this data is lost.

The factory reset on Android resets the devices to the factory settings and also removes all PIN and password locks.

If you can no longer access the smartphone, you have to use the input keys to perform a hard reset. Depending on the model, however, the type of key combination you have to press differs a little. With older devices like the HTC One XL, for example, you have to hold down the power button and the volume button at the same time. If you have a Samsung * Galaxy S3 you have to hold down the “Home” button, the power button and the “Volume down” button at the same time. With other devices, the combination of “Power”, “Volume quieter” and “Home” often works.

Important: on some models, the home button is now missing because the display has been made larger. This is the case, for example, with the Galaxy S10, the new iPhone X or the LG G6. Then, of course, this button is not available for a reset. With the Galaxy S8 * and also the S8 +, a new combination has therefore been chosen and now the power button and the volume down button are used to reset the devices.

If you have found the working key combination (usually also on the Internet or in the manual * of the corresponding devices), the recovery mode starts and there you can use the options "Wipe date / factory reset”Trigger the hard reset.

Video: How to reset Android devices to factory settings

NOTE: The link to the Google account is not deleted. This lock remains even after a factory reset and therefore you have to re-enter the password for the Google account afterwards. Only then is there access to the models after the reset.

Is the smartphone device protection active and the message "Confirm account: The device has been reset. To continue, sign in with a Google Account that was previously synced on this device. " is displayed, you can only unlock the device with the appropriate Google account. If an no longer knows the correct password, you can have it set again. Google offers account recovery for this purpose:

After changing the password, however, the devices cannot be reset by factory reset for 72 hours. This is a security setting, this lock cannot be bypassed.

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