How to make chain lanterns in terrariums

Remove terrarium back wall?


I would like to get myself a dwarf bearded dragon and I have also informed myself thoroughly. There are several bearded dragon kits available on the internet, but most of them are very poor or involve very small terrariums. But I have now seen that there are also sets that many people like and I wanted to ask what the connoisseurs think of the lighting and the terrarium in particular. I'm not sure yet whether I will use a 120x60x60 or the 150x80x80cm terrarium for dwarf bearded dragons. I wouldn't buy the set like that, but order the things I need individually, because the set contains a lot that I can't use for my interior if I still make a proper back wall. What do you think of the lighting in particular? If this is not good, I ask for a better solution. What do you recommend as the cheapest possible solution for 120x60x60 or 150x80x80cm (depending on which size you prefer) for lamps and what amount of them do you recommend? As I said, there are many different opinions on the Internet. That's why I prefer to ask again here before I buy something bad. The animals should be fine.

Thanks in advance for the answers.

Set 120x60x60 cm

Set 150x80x80 cm

Lamp from the set (in the large 2x inside) Lampe-uv- lamp-160-watt-vergleichbar-arcadia-d3