How to straighten a bent metal bar

How to straighten the posture

Adult Man Straightening Posture is a lot harder to make than it is a child. If you notice the problem with spine curvature or stooping, follow recommendations for straightening posture and start exercising as soon as possible.

How can I help?

do not despair, working on yourself will help straighten your posture.

1. Take care of your bunk, better that it is so even and firm, we need foam mattresses and pillows.

2. Try to walk more, namely walk, do not move sharply, maintain a consistent stop.

3. Correct workplace. Must be comfortably located, well lit, with a comfortable chair with a back. Think about whether you are sitting properly. From time to time, this thought will catch you.

4. Keep an eye on the correct position on the chair. To sit on a chair and a chair it is necessary to be deep, slightly leaning on a back. Don't throw a leg on your leg.

5. Take care of shoes. If you have problems with delivery, let go of your heels. Wear comfortable, lightweight shoes.

6. Occasionally interrupts and performs exercises, the simplest, easiest and most familiar to all. For fingers, inclines, twists, squats. These exercises can even be done in the office.

7. Talk to a specialist about which exercises are best for you.

8. There are special procedures for posture, waist and corset.

Position correction exercises

Is carried out daily!

1. Static exercise

You need a sack of sand, approx. 1 kg. Prostrostala, squeeze against the wall, hands on the seams. Put a bag of sand on your head. Stand without moving and hold the bag upside down. Start time - 5 minutes, increase gradually.

2. Exercise for neck muscles

Sit in a chair, relax, then gather and sit straight, comfortably pushing your foot on the floor. The back is straight. Look in front of you, don't turn your head and neck. Sit in this position for 30 seconds, then, without changing the position of your head, pull your chin forward, and you are already sitting in this position for 30 seconds. Repeat the exercise 10-15 times.

3. Exercise for back muscles

Sitting precisely on a chair, pulling torso as possible. The legs and buttocks do not tear off the chair, only the torso works.

4. Training back

Lie on your stomach, the floor should tear your legs, arms and head. We just lie on our stomach, don't rely on anything else. We hold from 5 to 15 seconds. To start around 5-7 reps. Increase the time and number of approaches based on opportunities.

Exercise and gymnastics is good for posture, performing them regularly and properly, you will notice a change but do not rush and expect no ads after two days of classes. Good posture for swimming and exercise with a fitness ball.

If you decide to take up fitness to the full, then we recommend an interesting exercise plan tied to your name.