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Quick test compulsory Is a self-test enough for the hairdresser?

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Baden-Württemberg is implementing the planned changes to the Infection Protection Act before they come into force. In the current amendment to the Corona Ordinance of April 19, 2021, there is also the compulsory quick test for visits to the hairdresser.

Is a self-test enough for the hairdresser?

The current Corona Ordinance of Baden-Württemberg states: "If you want to use hairdressing services, you need proof of a daily negative COVID-19 rapid test, vaccination documentation or evidence of a confirmed infection within the meaning of Section 4a of the Corona Ordinance."

However, this special protective measure only applies in counties in which the incidence of 100 infections per 100,000 inhabitants is exceeded on three consecutive days. Since only five districts are currently below the critical mark in Baden-Württemberg, this mandatory test affects the majority of the state's population. According to the Corona Ordinance, it will only be lifted again if the incidence value is below 100 for five consecutive days. Apart from that, every hairdresser is free to request a negative rapid test result regardless of the respective incidence value.

Many consumers are now wondering whether a self-carried out rapid test with a negative result is permitted as evidence. But here the state ordinance is clear. The requirements for such a rapid test are listed in Section 4a (1). Accordingly, trained personnel must either take the sample and evaluate it or instruct and monitor the test person and evaluate the result.

So the answer to the above question is: No, a self-test is not enough for a visit to the hairdresser. The required rapid test must be carried out or monitored by trained personnel.

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How do I prove the rapid test?

After the quick tests have been carried out, the test centers issue certificates which, in addition to the corresponding result, also document the time of the test and the respective test site. A stamp and the signature of the person testing prove the authenticity of the certificate. This must then be presented as proof when you visit the hairdresser. Of course, a negative PCR test result can also be presented.

Corona test: what does daily updated mean?

In addition to being carried out by trained staff, the daily topicality of the quick test result is also a criterion for visiting the hairdresser. It is not clear to many consumers whether the certificate issued by the test centers is only valid for the day in question or for 24 hours. The Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Social Affairs provides the answer: The certificate of a negative corona rapid test is for a maximum of 24 hours valid after the test has been carried out. In this case, a “daily quick test” means no older than 24 hours.

Evidence of confirmed infection

In addition to a daily corona rapid test and the fully completed vaccination, proof of a survived corona infection also entitles you to an appointment with the hairdresser. According to Section 4a (3) of the Corona State Ordinance, this proof can be substantiated by the certificate of a positive PCR test, which no longer requires quarantine. This means that if you tested positive for the coronavirus using a PCR test at the beginning of April and have already passed the mandatory quarantine, you can show this notification when you visit the hairdresser. However, the infection must not have been more than six months ago.

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* In an earlier version of the article there was no reference to the dependence of the compulsory test before the hairdresser visit on the incidence in the counties. We added this information with the last update.

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