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After comments about Aogo: Southwest Greens initiate expulsion proceedings against Palmer

  • Tübingen's Lord Mayor Boris Palmer moves a lot on social media and is often offensive with his comments and posts.
  • In a Facebook discussion about the "Aogo / Lehmann" cause, Palmer quotes an alleged Aogo saying and then sees himself exposed to accusations of racism.
  • The Greens in Baden-Württemberg now want to exclude Palmer from the party.

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The Mayor of Tübingen, Boris Palmer, caused a sensation on Facebook with statements about the former national player Dennis Aogo - now the Green has to reckon with the consequences of his party.

In the course of the discussion with Facebook users, Palmer took up a quote attributed to Aogo on Friday and commented, obviously ironically: "Aogo is a bad racist."

As a justification, he referred to an unverified Facebook comment in which it had been claimed without any evidence that Aogo had used the N-word for himself. The term N-word is used today to describe a racist term used for black people.

Baerbock threatens Palmer with expulsion from the party

Numerous users then accused Palmer of racism. SPD General Secretary Lars Klingbeil tweeted on Friday evening: "Is the Palmer quote real? If so: Have the Greens already commented on it?"

Green Chancellor candidate Annalena Baerbock said on Saturday morning: "Boris #Palmer's statement is racist and repulsive. Appealing to irony afterwards does not undo it. The whole thing is part of ever new provocations that exclude and hurt people.

Palmer has "therefore lost our political support. After the renewed incident, our state and federal committees are discussing the corresponding consequences, including the exclusion process."

Green party congress in Stuttgart resolves exclusion procedure

The Green Party Congress in Baden-Württemberg decided on Saturday at the request of the base whether the party should initiate an exclusionary procedure against Palmer. 161 delegates voted for an expulsion procedure, 44 against and 8 abstained.

At the party congress in Stuttgart, the motion, which was actually made too late, was still accepted for a vote because of urgency. Almost 20 members of the Greens, including five from the Tübingen district association, had applied for Palmer to be excluded from the party for "racist statements". The reason says: "The measure is full." The Southwest Greens actually wanted to advise and vote on the coalition agreement with the CDU.

The state party had already suggested Palmer's exit in May 2020 and threatened him with an expulsion process. Even then, Palmer had caused outrage several times with provocative statements, including a sentence about dealing with corona patients. "We may save people in Germany who would be dead in six months anyway," he said in an interview.

But the road to exclusion is long. The statutes say:

"The exclusion can take place if the member intentionally violates the statutes or regulations of the party and has thereby inflicted serious damage. It is pronounced by the responsible district arbitration commission, where there is no such one, by the regional arbitration court. It can only be applied upon request of the board of directors or the highest body of a branch to which the member belongs. The regional arbitration tribunal can be appealed against as an appeal body against an exclusion by the district arbitration commission within a period of 30 days from the announcement of the written decision the federal arbitration tribunal possible. "

Palmer justifies himself with irony

Palmer himself stated in a long Facebook statement on Saturday that he had exaggerated a debate with the stylistic device of irony into the grotesque.

"Linking my criticism of Aogo and Lehmann's ban on appearing with racism is as absurd as declaring Dennis Aogo a" bad racist "because racist statements are put into his mouth on the Internet."

Under the heading "@Cancel Culture", Palmer had initially regretted Facebook that the former national player Aogo will no longer appear as an expert on Sky television for the time being.

Aogo had used the expression "train to the point of gassing" in a Champions League broadcast on Tuesday evening and then apologized for this verbal misstep.

Palmer laments "repressive climate of opinion"

Palmer wrote about this and about the expulsion of former national goalkeeper Jens Lehmann at Hertha BSC: "Lehmann gone. Aogo gone. Is the world better now? A private message and a thoughtless phrase, two athletes disappear from the scene." Lehmann had asked in a short message whether Dennis Aogo was a "quota black".

Palmer added: "Now I never look at it and maybe athletes are not always the best commentators. But the furore with which storms can destroy livelihoods on the Internet is getting worse and worse." And further: "Cancel culture makes us obedient speaking automatons, with every word on the edge."

When asked by the dpa about his choice of words, Palmer said on Saturday morning: "I have protected Aogo against an unjustified shitstorm. Malicious misunderstanding turns this into a charge of racism. This creates a repressive climate of opinion. I consider it to be a civic duty, this self-righteous one To stand up to language Jacobinism. " (hub / dpa)

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