Who plays Mr Mosley on Downton Abbey

Mary Talbot

However, Mary does show herself to be very open-minded and progressive at times, befriending her brother-in-law Tom Branson, the family's former chauffeur. She supports him in his decision to raise his daughter as a Catholic, showing she bears none of the anti-Catholic prejudices that were common in her time. She also is very supportive of her cousin Rose's decision to marry a Jewish man, Atticus Aldridge, at a time when, due to anti-semitism, many people might frown on such a match (however, this might also be due to her own Jewish ancestry, her maternal grandfather having been Jewish). She is also a hard worker, doing whatever it takes to keep the Downton Estate running and sustain it for her son.

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Mary: "I admire you, Bertie, not everyone would accept Edith's past. Well, surely you must have told him. You couldn't have accepted without telling him."
Bertie: "Tell me what?"
Mary: "About Marigold. Who she really is."
- forcing Edith to admit her secret to Bertie, episode 6.08
"You know I'm sorry, I don't know why I did it."
—To Edith apologizing for her actions
"You're not the first person who's tried to blackmail me."
—To Rita Bevan[src]
"I stood there, staring at a car in flames, wondering if it were him. I can't be a crash widow again, I can't! I'd live in terror, dreading every race, every practice, every trial, I cannot do it. He'd feel he should give it up, but I don't want that! He'd resent me."
—To Violet Crawley about Henry Talbot[src]
"The truth is, I love him. I believe we are right together. But I want very much to feel that you're happy to me, as I'd be happy for you, my darling. Remember, however much I love him, I will always love you. ""
—At Matthew's grave, about her second husband-to-be Henry Talbot

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