What kind of case is that Boy Mediafire

 1996 Mona M. - With a woman's arms (TV Series)
Peter Morena

 1993 War of nerves (TV Movie)
Dr. Andre

 1992 The Photographer or The Eye of God (TV Series)

 1989 Radio fever (TV Mini-Series)
Dr. Vock

 1988 The bomb (TV Movie)
from Plottnitz

 1986 The stars don't dizzy (TV Movie)

 1986 Murder by the pool (TV Movie)
Dr. Maurice Young

 1986 quadrille (TV Movie)
Axel Diensen

 1986 Mary Queen of Scots (TV Movie)

 1986 Lots of lucky guys (TV Series)

 1983 How it happened (TV Movie)
Harro Bergmann

 1982 Betti, the daughter (TV Movie)
Hans Wedemeier

 1981 The climber (TV Movie)

 1980 In the most beautiful Bilsengrunde (TV Series)

 1976 Partner wanted (TV Series)
Wolf Brinkmann

 1976 The black stork (TV Movie)

 1972 Double game in Paris - witness reports from the dangerous life of Mathilde Carré (TV Movie)
Roman Garby-Czerniawski, former Polish captain, called Armand

 1972 We 13 are 17 (TV Series)

 1971 Escape - the Munzenberg case (TV Movie)
Hans Schulz