500ccm corresponds to how much horsepower


Power and unit converter

To anticipate: We also do not know who decided when and why that the output of an engine should no longer be given in horsepower (HP) but in kilowatts (kW). This has not really caught on in normal linguistic usage to this day, but there are situations where you need a conversion aid - for example, when only the kW is given in advertising or in vehicle advertisements, or when you only know the number of horsepower , but has to name the kW value for example to an insurance company.

Our unit calculator offers help. And because we were at it, we also have a conversion function for kilometers per hour (km / h) to miles per hour (mph), for kilometers, miles, m / s, yards, inches, feet, gallons, kg / m3 natural gas and built in for DM / Euro. In addition: Conversion of consumption data common in North America (miles per gallon [mpg] to liters per 100 kilometers).

Conversion of consumption data according to carbon dioxide emissions in the CO2-Computer. Please note: The HP and kW figures are calculated to whole numbers, all other results rounded to two decimal places. The conversion to / from gallons refers to the common list "U.S. liquid gallon", the CNG conversion to natural gas H. - All information without guarantee.