Who makes Shelterbox tents for sale

What do we help with?

ShelterBox help in the event of a disaster is as simple as it is effective. We supply the necessary utensils that those affected need to survive in the aftermath of a disaster. When we send boxes, the content is adapted to each disaster. As a rule, the box contains a tent for a family, thermal blankets and insulating mats, water containers and a water filter system, solar lamps, cooking utensils, basic tools, mosquito nets and a children's animation package.

For the colder countries we deliver boxes that contain more blankets and insulating mats as well as additional insulating sheets that can be hung between the inner and outer layers of the tent in order to better retain the warmth in the tent.

Sometimes our aid is not packed in boxes, but sent in bulk. Our priority is always to adapt to the needs of those who survived a disaster. However, these needs can vary widely depending on the nature and extent of a disaster. We also do this in order to use the donations in the best possible way, so that we only send what is necessary, which is also appropriate in the respective situation and culture.

We are constantly developing and improving our help continuously. Every disaster is different and the aid deliveries are tailored to each disaster. We also send midi tents to certain affected areas. These are a more compact version of our usual disaster relief tent. They are smaller, easier to transport and set up, and take up less space; ideal for situations where space is limited or where temporary emergency accommodation is required for a relatively short period of time, such as floods, for example. We also provide “shelter kits” which contain plastic sheeting, basic tools, ropes and other attachments. This enables families to quickly rebuild their own home after a disaster or to make repairs to their damaged homes.

Inevitably, large numbers of children are affected in any disaster. Schools as well as other facilities and buildings are destroyed. That is why ShelterBox also sends “school boxes” in individual cases as part of the aid deliveries. These contain essential supplies for teachers, including blackboard paint and chalk, along with school supplies for up to 50 children.

Please note: We do not collect donations for the “school boxes” separately. These are only sent out as part of an overall aid package and financed through a general aid fund. The reason for this is that our main focus is on humanitarian, life-saving emergency aid. We only integrate such “school boxes” into our aid deliveries if there are reports of one or more destroyed schools.