What is the name of Yakut Stone in English

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dict.cc wants to enable its users to share their knowledge with others. If a particular English-German translation is not yet in the dictionary, it can be entered by any user. Before the translation is visible to everyone, it has to be checked by several other contributors. The resulting vocabulary can be downloaded at any time in the download area (extras).

In addition to leafing through the dictionary and of course querying translations, it is also possible to exchange ideas in the translation forum and improve your language skills with the help of a vocabulary trainer. Professional translators are also regularly active in the forum, who help each other, but also answer beginner questions.

Note: We cannot guarantee that the translations are free of errors, but we guarantee that every translation proposal is checked. Possible errors can be reported directly via the search results pages by clicking on the info button [i]. Instructions are available on the FAQ page.
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Contains translations from the TU Chemnitz and from Mr Honey's Business Dictionary (English / German). Thanks a lot for this!
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