What does value mean before the accident

Impairment after an accident - what to look out for?

What is meant by impairment?

In the process of claim settlement after an accident, impairment plays a major role. Due to the Liability for damages according to Section 823 of the German Civil Code (BGB) do you have The right to have the damaged vehicle completely repaired.

But despite an extensive repair the car remains an accident car and there is one Depreciation of the vehicle. In this context, is often synonymous with Inferior spoken. So the damage cannot be completely repaired.

The depreciation describes the Value of a damaged item that the market assigns to an item after it has been repaired. Because remaining obvious or hidden defects cannot be completely ruled out.

But what exactly does that mean for claims settlement after an accident? How is the Calculation of the impairment? And what is it mercantile depreciation ?

What is the difference between a technical and a mercantile inferiority?

As mentioned above, the car can be repaired even after extensive repairs not put one-to-one in the initial state become. Hidden damage are possible or not completely ruled out.

So that is Quality of freedom from previous damage no longer given and the Market value falls. This is done with the Depreciation described on a car.

This lets you too no longer achieve a comparable purchase price like before the accident. A mercantile depreciation is available.

Exists despite the car being in the workshop visible or unavoidable defects, is from one technical depreciation to speak. This is very often the case if there are color differences in the paintwork after an accident.

How is the depreciation calculated after an accident?

Basically, it should be pointed out that to date there is no standardized calculation formula for determining the depreciation after an accident.

Incidentally, you can find information on impairment in a vehicle report, which is created by an expert who precisely documents and assesses the damage.

So far, different calculation models have been used and thus the Determination of the impairment at the discretion of the appraiser.

Because of this, the Federal Court of Justice (BGH) issued guidelines that allow a more precise calculation of the loss in value after an accident should.

The following points must be taken into account:

  • Constant observation of the regional and national market
  • The Ruhkopf-Sahm method

This results from the Ruhkopf-Sahm method Depreciation a car damaged in an accident from the replacement value and the repair costs. These will added. The Depreciation in turn represents a percentage of this sum represent.

Under the The replacement value is the current value of the vehicle to understand.

However, only the estimated costs for repairs included.

In addition, they play a role in calculating the depreciation of an accident vehicle Age and the amount of damage a role.

The Inferiority is a fictitious value that is used to determine compensation becomes.

In the following you will find a table that should serve as a guide. This involves the repair costs as a percentage of the replacement value and the percentage depreciation in the respective year of registration.

Share of repair costs in replacement value Depreciation in the first yearDepreciation in the second yearDepreciation in the third year
10 to 30 percent5 percent6 percent7 percent
30 to 60 percent4 percent5 percent6 percent
60 to 90 percent3 percent4 percent5 percent

Example of depreciation on a car after an accident

To better illustrate the table above, an example now follows:

  • Is in a vehicle the Replacement value at 10,000 euros and the repair amounts to 2,000 euros, results in a share of 20 percent.
  • Is also dated second year of registration assumed, the impairment amounts to according to the table six percent.
  • Become Current value and repair costs now added, you get a sum of 12,000 euros.
  • Calculate from these 12,000 euros then six percent, you will get an impairment of 720 euros.
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Impairment after an accident - what to look out for?
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