How to grow autoflowering feminized seeds

How to make feminized cannabis seeds

Would you like to learn how to make your own feminized cannabis seeds? If you are in the process of breeding, your only concern is probably keeping your plants happy and healthy - so that they will survive and thrive. Chances are, this will take the most time in the beginning. It may have taken more of your time than you expected. So how could you even think about doing something else next time?

The truth is ... having one season's crop yield is a good thing - but you could do better by keeping your eyes on the future. You have already faced some challenges during the growing season. Perhaps you had to overcome unforeseen obstacles. Shouldn't it be easier next time?

When your plants are in the process of ripening, you should start observing them more closely. Something grows in the place where it is Connect trunk and leaf? Are some of your plants tall and thin while others stay bushy and small? These changes occur in cannabis plants when sexual maturity begins. Once this happens you should be able to determine exactly which plants you are trying to reproduce so that you have enough crops for the whole year.

In this article we will explain the basics of finding future generations of plants for the next crops. The secret of success lies in the seeds of the hemp plants, as well as in the sex of the hemp seeds.

How to tell the gender of your plants

The first step in making these important decisions is to determine which plants are male and which are female. You should start or be able to do so as soon as the plant phase begins to change from growth to flowering. Once the length of daylight falls below 18 hours per day, you will begin to see the reaction of the male plants.

The cannabis plants will begin to produce bud-like growths that are actually greenish-white flowers in egg shape are. You won't misjudge the gender, because as soon as you shake these (mature) flowers, they will give off a cloud of pollen (pollen).

About two weeks later, you will also see significant changes in the female plants. These will begin to produce flowers that begin as tiny cactus-like white growths (hairs) on the ends of the branches.

These flowers will grow and grow until about a month has passed. At this point they become clear larger, sticky with a resinous substance and produce a significant odor. Depending on the strain you are growing, this smell could at times have a Skunk-like odor, or it could have a sweet, pleasant odor.

Surprisingly, you get a pretty good idea of what plants are male before they react to the changes in daylight. In general, the male plants are the tallest of your breed. This is an easy one evolutionary featurewhich of course has been developed over generations.

By being taller and more mature, the male strains have a greater chance of their pollen getting onto the female plants while they are in bloom. Larger male plants also have the advantage that their pollen can travel longer distances with the help of the wind.

These male plants also die earlier than the females. Fortunately, you can process and smoke the flowers of the female hemp plants, make oil from them or eat them (after proper drying, of course).

Seeds or no seeds? That's the eternal question for many marijuana growers - especially beginners.

If you leave the plants to their fate, the male cannabis plants will become the ones Fertilize females. Which leads to the fact that a new generation of seeds is "born".

While this may seem harmless to a novice, it can be the resultant Significantly reduce harvest.

When female plants (flowers) have been fertilized , they slow down their resin production and flower formation, which have the highest levels of cannabinoids like THC or CBD. An unfertilized flower contains most of the THC that you can find in a cannabis plant. In addition, unfertilized female plants can stay in the flowering phase longer - between six and ten weeks - which means a higher harvest or quantity of these THC-rich flowers.

All of this means that you have to decide how many (if any) female plants you want to fertilize and how many you want just for harvesting the female flowers. Protecting your female plants from fertilization isn't as easy as it sounds. Butit is crucial for youto get a successful harvest in the end.

The most effective Way to prevent fertilization is to uproot the male plants before their flowers are ripe and thus also to bring them out of the reach of the female plants.

Ideally, you already have the Rate of male plants taken into account when you bought and planted the seeds. Regular cannabis seeds are typically around 50% male, so removing all of your male plants will significantly reduce the total number of plants. Remember, by doing this, the end result (harvest) will be higher, so you shouldn't fear this process.

Also, you should make surethat a plant is definitely male before you remove it. There couldn't be anything worse than uprooting a plant you thought was male. Only to find out afterward that you killed a large female plant that could have been a major contributor to your harvest.

Some growers who only want to grow the marijuana for private use allow the male plants to pollinate the females. This reduces the yield, but the seeds you get from it can be used for the next cultivation.

This process is suitable best for indoor- Breeders, and this is about the fertilization of your plants.

First of all, you need to find out which plants are male and which are female (see above).

You will of course at least a male plant need to fertilize your female plants, but most of the time a single one will do.

  • Choose the male plantwhich, in your opinion, is of the highest quality and then, remove all others.
  • The next step is isolate this male plantso that you can control its lighting separately from the females. While the females still have continuous light, your male plant should 12 hours of light and 12 hours of total darkness to have. This change in lighting will spur the male to flower, causing it to produce pollen.
  • You should get the Remove pollen from the plant and store them as you will need them later. Use a piece of paper to remove the pollen from the flowers, then place them in an envelope. Hold that Envelope in the refrigeratorto keep it fresh.
  • Meanwhile, keep your female plants in their vegetative phase for as long as possible. As soon as it is time for the flowering phase, you will need to use the pollen that was stored in the refrigerator.
  • Carefully decide which females to pollinate want. You can base your choice on a specific quality feature. Or maybe the female is from the same great strain as the male, so you keep the strain pure.
  • Place the pollen in the calyx (kola)of the female plant (s). Do not pollinate the flowers on the same plant, and be careful not to get the pollen on the flowers of the other plants.
  • The process of pollinating your plants needs to be done carefully. For the best results, separate the female plant to be pollinated from the others to avoid accidental fertilization. First, put the pollen in a small bowl and get yourself a small watercolor brush.
  • Use the brushto brush the pollen onto the top of the female flowers (calyxes). After around four days, place the pollinated female plant under 12 hours of light and 12 hours of continuous darkness. From this point on, you no longer have to worry about cross-pollination, as the pollen will be stuck in the flower.
  • Keep an eye on the pollinated female plantto make sure you harvest their seeds at an appropriate time. Older marijuana seeds are not green, but rather brown in color. Once the seeds are ripe enough, simply use your fingers to remove them.
  • Label the container with the seeds and then freeze them all. As long as they stay frozen, they won't lose their ability to germinate for the next season.

In the end, you will have beautiful, high quality seeds for your next growing season, and the rest of your unfertilized plants will produce wonderful grass. It's a great way to save money while increasing the quality of your future crops.

Feminizing Cannabis Seeds - How to Get Feminine Seeds

At this point, you might thinkthat a rate of 50% male and 50% female is a shame. Most breeders would agree with you. Unfortunately, you don't have much control over the sex of your future plants by using conventional fertilization techniques.

This is why many breeders take steps to make it more likely that they will only (or mostly) get female plants. One way to increase the odds in your favor is your cannabis Feminize seeds.

Basically you can no distinction between male and female seeds. You cannot change the gender of your cannabis seeds either. The idea behind feminizing your plants is to maximize the number of female plants in your grow.

Semen - feminization (growing female seeds) refers to a number of pollination methods used to turn luck in your favor.

When you have some money and yourself do not face the challenge you can also buy ready-made feminized seeds from cannabis seed banks. That said, buying feminized cannabis seeds can be great or bad. Make sure the company you are buying the seeds from is reputable.

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There are three types of feminization: Silver thiosulphate, colloidal silver and tobogganing. Anyone, if done correctly, can end up being successful and yielding you feminine seeds & plants.

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Silver thiosulfate method

The new innovation in using the STL (Silver Thiosulfate Solution) has somehow become commonplace - and that's great because it's very effective.

This method allows feminized seeds to be found at many seed banks these days, meaning the average grower can buy feminized cannabis seeds.

Better still, you can be sure that there is a high probability that you are feminizing your plants properly, rather than top or flop feminization.

So what is silver thiosulfate? It's a 50/50 combination of sodium thiosulfate and silver nitrate. It causes a hormonal stress response in the plant that triggers a change in gender.

So how can you feminize cannabis seeds yourself?

Unfortunately, this involves a little more than just soaking your plants in silver thiosulphate ...

  • First, you should decide which plants you are going to use. You should all feminine and of a kind be, and almost mature.
  • Then just take one of them, separate it from the rest of the plants, spray them with STL, let it dry, and finally put them back next to their sister plants.
  • This plant will very stressed look. It will turn brown and you may be a little concerned as it will be very close to withering. Just aroundfive days later however, it will begin its resuscitation.
  • In a month this plant will be yours Transition to the male sex have finished. At this point, you can simply shake the new male plant directly over the same female plants and use it to pollinate the female plants.
  • Because the new male plant is female , the pollen that is in it is actually female pollen. This means that after a few weeks these pollinated female plants produce feminized seeds become.

Although the process seems extremely simple, especially in the Compared to other methods, which you may have heard of, this does not mean that your first attempt will be a success.

Fortunately for all breeders, you can buy feminized seeds to always ensure that each seed, throughout the process, will result in a successful female flower harvest.

So you can get seeds to rely on. In fact, the highest quality feminized seeds these days have one 99% feminization rate or more, so this method is clearly of huge help to the breeder.

Colloidal Silver Method

You need a very small amount of for this method colloidal silver (pure silver) and distilled water.

Add the colloidal silver to the water. Then, with the help of a spray bottle, you need to apply the resulting mixture to your female plants spray while they bloom.

The plants will begin to form pollen sacs (which are usually seen on male plants).

The pollen contain genetic material, which is actually completely female - which makes it very likely that the marijuana seeds produced by the plant pollinated with it will be female.

That was the easy way to describe this process. In fact, it is a lot more complex and contains many more details. In addition to the pure silver and distilled water, you will need one 9 volt battery and plug, alligator clips and soldering iron.

Suppose you are ready for the time and money involved in this method to bring up the "ingredients".

  • In this case, the next step in this process will be to connect the battery and connector.
  • Solder the alligator clips onto the red and black wires to make the best electrical conductor.
  • Then connect these to the silver (probably coins) that you have. Put the silver coins in the distilled water without letting the alligator clips or wires touch the water.
  • Because the water is distilled, this will cause the silver ions to simply float around in the water instead of combining with other ions.
  • Let it sit for seven hours or more - the longer the better, as it will increase the concentration of colloidal silver. Although if you let it sit for too long, the particles will get too big.

At this point you can spray your plants which leads to the feminization process coming about. Spray them every day after they reach their flowering stage until they start to form male pollen sacs.

It should be less than two weeks last, although timing may vary. As soon as you see the pollen sacs, you continue the normal growth cycle (flowering) of the plant.

Please note:

Never the parts of the plant that you spray with the colloidal silver solution, toconsume or smoke. If you are not 100% sure which parts have been sprayed, simply discard the entire plant to stay on the safe side. The pollen, however, can of course be used.

This process is based on the natural response of female plants if they under stress are.

When they are experiencing stress or reaching the end of their life and still not fertilized the females will actually begin to produce pollen sacs (male flowers).

This is an easy one evolutionary answerthat allows plants that have never been fertilized to continue their "bloodline".

Because the resulting seeds are exclusive female genetics come, the likelihood that they are female seeds is thus much higher than usual.

Tobogganing promotes this process in a targeted manner and it exponentially increases the chances of getting female semen. While it can be difficult, it is generally an easier task than using the colloidal silver method.

Because it's a completely natural process, you have to rely on your plant to take over this process - which could be risky.

The goal of the tobogganing technique is to keep your female plants in their flowering phase longer than normal - much longer than if you would normally harvest. If she is like that live unfertilized for a long time, the plants should have "panic" as a natural reaction to this and in the Self-pollination mode leap.

As soon as the pollen sacs emerge, you can harvest the pollen normally as described above. Decide which flowers and calyxes you want to pollinate with this pollen.

The main disadvantage of this method is their lack of reliability - even if all goes well, for some reason the seeds may not be feminized. Because of this risk (and the fact that if you keep your plants in the flowering stage for too long there will not be an ideal harvest), you should think carefully about whether this is the right method for you.

Some growers choose this method because of it completely natural is. And who knows, maybe you are already an organic breeder. Some strains are better than others for this method.

The above methods can be risky, which is why many breeders simply choose theirs Clone female plants. It doesn't feminize the seeds, but it does guarantee you a reliable source of feminine plants.

This is only a good option if you are familiar with the female plant (Mother plant) are completely satisfied and want an identical plant. If you want a combination of two plants or strains, the seeds feminization techniques would make more sense.

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