What does cod stand for in banking

Application in the banking sector.

That belongs in the bank application.

You should definitely include in your application to the bank

  • the cover letter,
  • the resume and
  • Investments.

The attachments consist of internship confirmations or job references and certificates. Optionally, you can also create a cover sheet that rounds off your application. On this you can place the application picture and your contact details.

The application requirements may differ depending on the bank. So it can happen that instead of a cover letter you should write a real letter of motivation. This is longer than the classic cover letter and serves to explain your motivation for your bank application in detail.

Regardless of whether it is an email application or a classic paper application - pay attention to order and professionalism. This means that scanned certificates or copies should be clean and uniform, the application photo by a professional photographer and the texts should be free of spelling mistakes. When it comes to design, less is more. Use a font and, above all, make your résumé clear. Large application folders that are difficult to open are out. A simple clip-on folder is sufficient and does not distract from the content.