How to insert a vertical symbol in Excel

How to add a PDF download button in WordPress

Now you can use the time saved by not having to write your own code to just sit back and relax!

Tools to help you and your visitors

Before you get started - if you want to include a file that is not a PDF, don't panic! Just check out the Smallpdf tools that will help you convert image files (like JPG), Word, PowerPoint, and even Excel files to PDF. You can also take full advantage of the tools to reformat or edit an existing PDF file. Whether you want to merge several files, split a file into several or compress them, we have everything you need.

You are probably wondering how it will all work on your website. When your visitors click the PDF icon, the PDF file will open in a new window. There you can then access our great functions without having to install an additional app. You can write text directly in the file or draw in it freehand, you can use the eSign tool to sign the document and you can use many other functions of Smallpdf. Of course there are also options to share and download the document to your device, Dropbox, Google Drive and Smallpdf.

Should you ever need to change the file your PDF button leads to, just go through the previous steps again to replace the code and your webpage content will be updated in no time.

Translated and adapted into German by Anna