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Brittany - Santana relationship

Brittany - Santana relationship



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The Brittany - Santana relationship, also Brittana or Santittany called, is the romantic and amicable relationship between Brittany Pierce and Santana Lopez.

In Everything is at stake Brittany implies that she and Santana are sleeping together and in Sexythe two admit that they love each other and are more than best friends. In Irish something going on it is announced that they are officially together and their first kiss follows in Gorilla with a heart. In Is separation the death of love? separate as Santana points out that a long distance relationship is difficult to achieve and doesn't want them to hurt each other, which is why she wants to do the right thing and end their relationship for good.

In 100 tie the two of them back on and in New Directions get back together if Santana agrees to travel with Brittany. She asks her to go to New York with her afterwards, to which Brittany agrees, and the two kiss. In Mahsup Santana proposes to Brittany, which she accepts and the two get engaged. In A wedding they marry together with Blaine and Kurt.


The two have not only a friendly, but also a sexual relationship. They went to the Celibacy Club, Glee Club, and Cheerios together. During the school day you can almost always see them together, whether they're walking down the hallways, sitting next to each other in the choir, standing together at Cheerios rehearsals or helping each other with the exercises. They often hold hands, catch their little fingers, and wear friendship bracelets. While Brittany often makes unwise and nonsensical remarks, Santana hardly says anything, but either looks at her confused or smiles at it.

Santana is often harsh in her relationships with others, but this is not the case with Brittany, as she shows her gentle side. In addition, she helps her and defends her when she is turned on by others, for example in Fear and blamewhere Santana shows her where right and left is or in Britney / Brittanywhere she tells Kurt, who blames Brittany for not singing Britney Spears songs at the Glee Club, to leave her alone.

When Brittany Santana in Sexy Finally confronted about their relationship, they tell each other they love each other but don't start a romance as Brittany is still with Artie and thinks it's wrong to break up with him because she loves him and Santana is too scared about her reputation is to come out as a lesbian. In The latest rumor Brittany and Artie split up, whereupon the two more or less get together, but keep it a secret because Santana is still not ready to come out and even pretends to be a relationship with Karofsky.

They officially enter their relationship Irish something going on known when Santana asks if they are together and Brittany replies that, based on the examples she lists, she thought they were already long ago. They are together for the entire third season until they split up in the fourth.

In Is separation the death of love? Santana tells Brittany that a long distance relationship is pretty hard to maintain and doesn't want them to cheat on each other. She says it's not an official breakup, but it feels that way to Brittany. In The diva in you she urges Santana to realize her dreams and go to New York. She also tells her to go out because she has no intention of separating from Sam, but continues to claim the place as her best friend for herself.

In 100 Brittany returns from MIT and Santana worries about her as her life is all about numbers. After talking to a couple of times, Brittany admits that she understands that Santana is right for her and kisses her. Santana is hesitant at first, saying that it took her a lot of work to get over her, but gives in New Directions to. She makes sure that Brittany gets her degree and then tells her that she will travel with her, but that she does not want to stay away as planned, but wants Brittany to come to New York with her, which she happily agrees to.

In Mashup Santana asks Brittany if she would like to marry her, which she replies in the affirmative and whereupon the two get engaged. In A wedding After a bit of turmoil, the two finally marry together with Blaine and Kurt, who have previously persuaded them to join them. In dreams come true is mentioned by Blaine that they live in New York.

Season one

Beyond Gut and Sue

When there is talk of short skirts in the Celibacy Club, Santana whirls hers around from her cheerleading uniform and is watched by Brittany, who bites her lip demandingly. Then the two of them sing to Quinns in the background I say a little prayer with, doing the same dance moves and glancing at each other over and over again. When Sue tells them to go to the Glee Club to spy on him, Brittany and Santana high-five each other.

April April

In this episode, Quinn runs out of the music room because of her morning sickness related to her pregnancy. When Santana pokes around for Kurt's sexuality again, she looks at Brittany, who is standing on the other side. Brittany is later seen giving Santana a massage when they learn that Quinn is pregnant.

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When Will tries to win sympathy points from the kids by asking them which songs they would like to make, Brittany has her head on Santana's shoulder. The two hug before Santana leaves with the rest of Sue's kids, with Brittany reaching for her as if to say "no, don't go". Brittany then has her head on Santana's shoulder again when Will talks to the Glee Kids. Later she helps Santana warm up.

Fear and blame

After being told to wheelchairs to see how Artie is doing, Santana is upset and Brittany rubs her back comfortingly. When Kurt demands that the Glee Club vote fair with Rachel on their diva-off, he wants her to swear and raise their right hand. Brittany, however, lifts her left so that Santana corrects her. When PuckFinn tackles the ground, Santana is seen hooking her arm onto Brittany. After Mr. Schue stops the fight, Brittany clings to Santana.


The two are happy to have been assigned as partners for the ballad week. After Santana goes back to her seat, the two of them high-five and stand near the end of Lean on Me close to each other, with Brittany briefly holding her hand on Santana's shoulder.

Splitting hairs

The two sit next to each other during the Jane Addams Academy performance, with Santana looking at Brittany's legs before turning away and curling her lips. In the choir room they dance and laugh until Will walks in. When Brittany is demonstrating "hairography" to the Glee Club, Santana can be heard in the background saying, "Yay, Brittany".

Who is in the picture?

Before Kurt shows Peter Gellar's photo to the Glee Club, Brittany and Santana grin at each other. The two of them sit in the library with Quinn and scribble on the yearbook, which they clearly enjoy. In the choir room, Rachel informs the Glee Club that they have been booked for a commercial, and BrittanySantana whispers something in her ear and makes her laugh. Shortly before shooting begins, they smile at each other and talk to each other while they put on their pajamas on the side. When the yearbook photo is taken of the Glee Club, they stand side by side and after it is shot they hold hands and laugh.

Everything is at stake

Brittany mentions during a conference call with some Glee Club members that if sex was serious, she and Santana were having, resulting in an awkward silence. Santana gives her a shocked look before they continue on the phone, Brittany then looks at her and then hangs up. The two are separated in the choir room and when it is revealed that the New Directions set list has been stolen, Brittany admits it was her and Santana, to calm things down, notes that no one is forcing her to be here. but she likes to be in the Glee Club because there is nothing better for her.

Hello hell

During the episode, the two walk side by side and have their little fingers hooked together. Every time the two flirt with Finn, they flirt with themselves more than with him, especially during Gives you hell and on their date it becomes clear where Santana tells Finn that he can watch them make out with each other. He's confused, and after he leaves, Brittany asks her if she knows dolphins are gay sharks, which irritates Santana.

The Power of Madonna

The two sit next to each other during the glee lesson and Santana has her hand on Brittany's stomach. They catch their little fingers and then leave the room. Later Santana seeks advice from her because she is not sure if she is Finn