What happened to Cameron Dallas Fuessen

Chapter 10

-1 week later-

~ Olivia's POV ~

The week passed quickly and I can say that the 5 boys are now my best friends. Of course I also have Sidney, Lucy, Beccy, Mimi and other friends, but how should I put it? They are just real girls.

What else happened Oh yeah, Cam went away again and Sierra is on vacation with her boyfriend, so it's just me and Mom at home. Then I have a lot of contact with the Magcon Boy, they are all of my best friends and like brothers to me. Actually nothing more happened.

I am currently waiting for Noah and David who want to take me to school from home. I hear a horn from outside, so I say goodbye to Mom quickly and go outside with my backpack. "Tomorrow, Oli! " the two of them greet me. "Good Morning!" I buckle up and we're off. We only rocked the drive through to the songs that were just coming on the radio.

When I get to school I stumble out of the car and of course the two idiots laugh before they get out of the car themselves. "OLI!" Jery ​​yells from the other side of the parking lot. "JERY!" he stretches out his arms and I go to him.

There I let myself be pulled into a hug. "I want to be greeted too." Adam pouts, so I break away from Jery and give him a hug. "Sure, just forget about me." Thomas says sarcastically, I hug him too and together we enter the school building. The first lesson is bio, there are all 6 of us in this subject and believe me, no matter how boring the teacher is, you just have to laugh with these 5 guys.


Hallelujah, it's break! That means eating and that in turn makes me happy. We sit at our regulars' table, eat, chat and laugh. I keep getting imaginary glances from the chicks, but who cares?

"Do we want to do something today?" asks Jery around and we all nod. "Sure and what?" I ask the counter-question and steal some of Adam's food. "Swim?" we nod in confirmation and finish eating. The break is already over, only 3 hours of lessons, I'll be able to do that.


"When do we go swimming today?" asks Noah and puts his arm around my shoulder. "At 3?" I mean and the others nod. We go through the front door. Finally some fresh air. I'm about to say something, but I'm interrupted by screaming girls.

"What's going on here?" confused, we look in the direction from which the noise is coming. The only thing I see is a bunch of girls and bodyguards. Is anyone famous at our school or why bodyguards? "Shall we go see?" asks David. "Yes." we all say at the same time and so it is a done deal. We're getting closer and closer, but I still can't see anything.

"Jery, get me on your shoulders." "Clear." Jery ​​crouches down a bit and Thomas helps me up. On Jery's shoulders I can now see who is there. I can not believe it. A huge grin forms on my lips and fidgety I ask if Thomas can help me down again. "Well ?! Who is it?" My best friends look at me curiously, but I don't answer, I push my way through the crowd of girls.

"OLI!" The guys behind me shout but I just keep walking I get venomous looks from all sides. At the very front my path ends, because of course the stupid bodyguards are in front of me. Next to me, of all places, must be Paris and its appendages.

Paris is the biggest bitch from school, she slept with almost all of the boys except Jery, David, Thomas, Noah and Adam. Your appendages are called Josy and Casey. The 3 Barbie dolls screech so loud that I think my eardrum is bursting.

"Well who do we have here?" Paris noticed me too, but I give her no answer. "What are you doing here anyway? This is Cameron Dallas, he sure doesn't want anything from you." she just won't let up, I look at her and mine "Look who's Talking."

With that I turn to the front again, then she says no more and starts screeching again and shouting Cam's name. I just roll my eyes and try to get my brother's attention, but he has his back to me. Now I have it.

"HAPPY LLAMA ... "I shout; the Llama Song is our kind of code. Suddenly he turns around and is looking for someone, so I keep shouting "... SAD LLAMA ..." he spotted me and smiles happily at me. He whispers something to one of the bodyguards.

He points to me and Cam nods, which is why the bodyguard comes up to me. "OMG, Cam must have seen me and now I want me to come to him! " Paris is happy next to me and adjusts her too tight top and short skirt. Imagination is also a formation. Now this bodyguard monster stands in front of me. "Mr. Dallas wants you to come with me." I nod with a smile and wink at Paris, who just looks at me indignantly and in shock.

I follow the monster that leads me to Cam. "CAMMY!" happily I run him to the arms of my brother, who lifts me up and I can wrap my legs around his hips. I hug him tightly and whisper "I missed you."

He kisses my cheek and whispers "I also you." back. I break away from him and he lets me down. "What are you doing here?" "Surprise you, Livi." he puts his arm around me and I snuggle up to him. I look at the bunch of girls who all look at me incredulously, angry and jealous.

But Paris still has the best view. "But I have another surprise." I look curiously at Cam. "And what would it be?" but he doesn't answer me. Suddenly I hear car doors being opened behind me and the girls just screech louder. I turn around in amazement and there I see ...