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March 4th, 2021 - 9:10 p.m.

"Sister, sister - you've come to the right place!" Watch season 2 online at TVNOW

Thoroughbred nurse Micki Busch (Caroline Maria Frier) will have her hands full again from January. Because almost a year after the start of "Sister, Sister - You are right here!" the second season of the hospital sitcom launches and brings a breath of fresh air: Ex- "Alarm for Cobra 11" star Tom Beck joins as Dr. Paul Ash created the cast around Anna Julia Antonucci and Christian Tramitz.

The second season of "Sister, Sister - You're Right Here!" has been on free TV every Thursday at 9:45 p.m. on RTL since January 7, 2021. Parallel to the TV broadcast, all 10 episodes are also available in the RTL live stream on TVNOW. Series fans have also been able to watch the second season of the medical sitcom online at TVNOW since December 31, 2020. Here are all the episodes of the first season of "Sister, Sister - You're Right Here!" available online at any time.

RTL hospital sitcom "Sister, Sister": Tom Beck joins the cast in season 2

Also in the new season "Sister, Sister", ward nurse Micki Busch (Caroline Maria Frier) relentlessly takes care of the well-being of her patients. The thoroughbred nurse repeatedly gets into precarious situations, out of which she and her colleagues Charly (Anna Antionia Antonucci), Trudi (Mareile Blendl) and Doro (Gisa Flake) have to maneuver. And as if that weren't difficult enough, the despotic head of the clinic, Dr. Friedrich T├╝mmler (Christian Tramitz) the nurses are on their toes - in this clinic it really never gets boring.

And emotionally, Micki experiences a really nice rollercoaster ride in the second season "Sister, Sister": The new clinic doctor Dr. Paul Ash (Tom Beck) is not only an old acquaintance of hers, but also an ex-lover, to whom she is not at all good. Because the doctor hadn't contacted her after a one-night stand - even though she had a real crush on him! Does Micki manage to tell work and feelings apart in the clinic?

Missed episodes of the first season of "Sister, Sister - Here You're Right" are available for viewing on TVNOW.