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Hi Ju,

The obsidian heart is great! It's been a long time since the last time I was hit by a book like this!

I've just finished reading it and am now sitting in front of the computer, giggling happily.

The ending is simply brilliant, and it is also clear why ...> spoiler <...;)

Thank you for a lot of great reading fun!

I'm looking forward to your next book!

... and now I still cry while giggling ... when the tension subsides ...


Arne aka Draketo

PS: I didn't send this text to Ju "now", but personally on March 9th, 2009, but I didn't want to withhold it from you any longer.

PPS: The description of the effects of cold iron on Sí is the best I have ever read in any book. If you're planning on leading an RPG where Cold Iron harms fairies, I highly recommend the Obsidian Heart!

If you just want to read a damn good and exciting book, then of course you do too! The obsidian heart builds up a tension step by step, which for me was stronger than with any other book during the last 5 years. I don't trust my memory further back, otherwise it would probably be even longer; I don't remember any other book that managed to crank the tension so high that I cried at the tension alone at the end.

You can find it e.g. at Amazon - it is published by Feder & Schwert, which we already know from stylish role-playing games such as angels. You can easily find Ju Honisch herself on her website.

Thanks to Knox, this page is now much more pleasant to read.

He gave me important feedback on how

  • "I always look on the left for the navigation" (Answer: true, me too, actually. Why did I move it to the right? - because there always had to be a bar on the left so that the theme doesn't look torn -> workaround for a bug that I have now fixed; but the workaround remained: D'Oh!)
  • "The start page is at the top, although the links are again directly below it"
  • "On your old page there was the inviting picture on the left, I'm missing that. It also had the binding so that your page looked like a real notebook. That way it was much more inviting."
  • "On the right it says 'Navigation', but it's actually on the left"
  • "There is 'light' on the left, but welcome was nicer"

Things might be fine-tuning, but it's exactly the things that make the difference between a legible page and an inviting page - and Knox is damn good at that.

So: Thanks for the help, Knox!

Until a few years ago when I thought of "pop music" I only thought of mindless, annoying tootling.

Antje Schumacher changed that.

I saw her for the first time with her band The Plastics in a small basement club in Heidelberg. I don't remember what I expected, but certainly not that:

  • Smart texts. While "Everything I need" got me most excited at first, I remember Olivia Öl - Menstruation in B minor the most - I still sing it spontaneously from time to time, although it actually only affects me indirectly should :)

  • A damn funny stage show, without any unnecessary technical frills. They convinced just because of how they were. Everything seemed natural, relaxed and happy. And now I know that Antje is often the same outside of the stage.

  • Good music. Most of the pop music that I know from the radio just drags on. In "The Plastics", on the other hand, the music lived with the musicians. While Antje switched to the keyboard and said that she couldn't do that, just to prove her words wrong shortly afterwards, or while she hung a ship's hull made of cardboard for Titanik, she showed that 30 years of experience make a difference after all, and that really professionally played music can be catchy and interesting, thrilling and funny at the same time - often all together in a single song!

But that was just the beginning. Later I heard her as Nina Hagen and as a stewardess from Rei (h) erair and experienced that she also masters the power of Nina Hagen and the three-movement singing - and with her wit and natural-nervous charm also the highest art on the floor the facts and into the reality of their listeners.

I would never have thought that I could enjoy pop songs as much as with Rei (h) erair, and only now do I really understand how awesome Nina Hagen's music is - mp3s pale completely in comparison to the sound that Antje unleashes when she slips into the role of her idol and brings back Nina Hagen with her incredible voice and the band HEISS as she should have been in her best days (but don't trust the YouTube video. The difference between the video and live is similar for them big as the difference between 8-bit console beeps and thundering cinema surround sound).

In short: I am absolutely thrilled!

And I hope I can soon hear her solo project in which she, as Ms. Antje, unpacks her ukulele. One of their performance weekends will run into an unplanned weekend of mine - and if I have my way, it won't be too long! Maybe it will work out on January 15th, 2010 in the old train station in Neulußheim near Hockenheim - I can get there (if I can believe the train) in just 40 minutes with my Heidelberg student ticket.

The water in Edingen should have a degree of hardness of 3-4. Source: Environmental Report 1999-2005 of the City of Heidelberg, page 55 (in PDF: page 59):

We seem to be supplied by the Rauschen / Edingen waterworks.

The information is appreciated, however (whether noise supplies us is not entirely certain).

The Upper Rhine Water Framework Directive, area 35, page 117 (in PDF: page 127) seems to confirm this:

http: // ...

If you have any further information (or if I have incorrect information), please write to me (as a comment).