How do you meet your mother

Apologize to your mother after a big mistake

Avoid accusations and blame.You may well feel angry or hesitant about apologizing. If you feel like you haven't done anything, or that someone else is to blame, you may think that apologizing is totally unnecessary. However, if you made a mistake that hurt your mother, apologizing is always important and appropriate. You need to acknowledge the role you played when the other person was hurt. Don't blame other people for your actions.[1]
  • You may be convinced that the mistake wasn't 100 percent your fault. That is even possible. There are quite a few situations in life where not a single person is to blame. External factors can also influence a decision and thereby contribute to an error.
  • An apology is not about who is to blame, however. Instead, the purpose of an apology is to take responsibility for certain actions, no matter how little you contributed to a mistake. Even if your mistake was mainly caused by other people or an unfortunate situation, it hurt or upset your mother, which is why she deserves an apology.
  • For example, your brother persuaded you not to show up for your mother's birthday party. Even though the whole thing was your brother's idea, you put the stupid plan into action - and for that you will have to take responsibility.