Alexis frulling stampede where to watch

Rodeo Enthusiasts Enjoy Rodeo [NSFW]

The Calgary Stampede is a massive rodeo / festival / shitshow which takes over the city every year. As seen in a video posted to Instagram on Wednesday, an unofficial side event featured a woman and two men vigorously going to town in what appears to be an alley.

The seven-second video, featuring (Irish?) Commentary:

We wouldn’t have posted this without context, but after a couple of days of digging we can confirm that this was just three people having a consensual, semi-public good time. By virtue of gender, the woman has become the center of the attention / shaming / oh-god-there’s-already-a-thinkpiece. But it should be noted that while she’s become something of a local meme, with macros, photoshops, and even a song devoted to her, no one has been more active in celebrating the outdoor loving than the woman herself.

Earlier today she released a Youtube video — soundtracked by the song about her, though it's unknown if she knows the artists — acknowledging the threesome and saying that she doesn't regret a thing. She also eats a cucumber and yells at haters. With some vague unease that this whole thing could be a viral stunt, we've decided to just let the above video stand on its own.

Stampede public relations manager Jennifer Booth told us she was aware of the video, and said that security from the event had looked at the video and determined it happened nowhere on the festival’s grounds, but somewhere else in downtown Calgary. They could not specify "as they are not experts for the other venues."

Calgary police said they are investigating.

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