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"Belomorkanal" - cigarettes come from the USSR

“Belomorkanal” (cigarettes), the photo of which in front of you, known to all of the people who lived in the time of the Soviet Union. Contemporaries all too familiar with this tobacco product, but have a slightly different perspective. Once called either the brand's cigarettes - "White Sea", "White Sea Camel", "Belle Amour Chanel" ... they are smoked every second Soviet smoker, it was the most famous Soviet tobacco brand that is ubiquitous: in stores , in jokes, in films ... It is the most famous brand in the history of tobacco production in the Soviet era. Appearing in the distant thirties, "White Sea" is still produced today - both as cigarettes, and as souvenirs.

The story of creation

In the early thirties, Josef Stalin exterminated private business and gave way to industrialization. This transition has been painful for the people and has been accompanied by references and executions. In order for Soviet citizens to work more effectively in the country at the highest level of propaganda it has been set up. The era of major construction projects displayed throughout the building. About them made films, writing books, composing poems, songs and even cigarettes in honor of these great projects called.

One of the major projects was the construction of the White Sea-Baltic Canal (BBK). For the realization of the large financial investment construction required, but Stalin to reduce the cost involved as a free labor of prisoners. Numbers these people haven't, and the number has never decreased. According to reliable facts it is known that the construction of the White Sea Canal killed a large number of people (according to various estimates from 60 to 180 thousand).

Although this powerful tool to project took a great deal of human life, the Soviet people took it as the triumph of the USSR, confirming the status of a great country. The new brand "Belomorkanal" (cigarettes) was a complete success. Tobacco with such a legendary name has almost become a symbol of heroism and great work of construction. Issue “Belomor” was just in time, strong and cheap papirosinki applauded by the entire population, they smoked like intellectuals, and ordinary workers.


In manufacture, the packaging was the key to recognition. In its creation, Uritsky Tobacco Factory involved artists. Some people believe that the picture on the package hasn't changed, but it hasn't. From the beginning it shows part of the European map with bold stripes the White Sea Channel and the thin lines of foreign channels. Later the picture on the package changed, leaving the Soviet Union and adding to the water canal "Way" of the Moscow and Volga-Don. The dimensions of modern packs of 82 x 83 x 23 mm.

In the manufacture of cigarettes, the tube is first made, then filled tobacco into it. Packing density was of very high quality because this tobacco was not sprinkled. There is an opinion that the diameter of the cigarettes "White Sea Canal" (7.62 mm) was designed so that on the same machine there could be cartridges to produce cartridges if necessary. Vision does not harm anyone, the Soviet tobacco "balls" released from other brands even with the same diameter.

"Belomorkanal" (cigarette): composition

Innovation in the tobacco industry did not mean for the weak intellectual and for the hardy and strong hard worker, although, as already mentioned, she smoked and both of them. "Belomorkanal" - very strong cigarettes made from pure tobacco flavors without impurities. Each unit contains 30-35 mg resin and 1.5-1.8 mg nicotine.

"White Sea Canal" cigarettes: production

Ingredients come with a Master Ionidi. In a certain proportion he mixed Moldovan and Azeri tobacco varieties. Production of "White Sea Canal" (cigarette) started in 1937 in Leningrad at the Uritsky factory.

Today their production continues in the former factory Uritsky ("Petro" LLC). Well-known brand does not have a specific host, so to produce such cigarettes can be any. For example, in 2011, the work "Don Tabak" published "White Sea Canal" in the gift of a beautiful metal box.

Traditionally, the manufacture of cigarettes requires manual labor, for this reason, unprofitable manufacturing is considered in our modern times.

"Belomorkanal": price and quality

In Soviet times, the real proletarians of all narcotic vices could only drink cheap alcohol and smoke cheap and strong cigarettes. On sale cheap and strong, "White Sea" immediately gained immense popularity among the common people. Not surprisingly, the price for such a treat was meager compared to other tobacco products.

Later it becomes a synonym for "the White Sea Canal" with all the familiar expression: "Smoke of the fatherland, the sweet and pleasant" And this despite the fact that it is a fifth class cigarette. They are valued for the fact that the meager cost of a pack of "kept" to me is not 20, as usual, and as many as 25 full of strong tobacco, paper tubes. "White Sea" - are the strongest cigarettes, which means that they are not immediately in danger to health.

Brand in the modern world

No matter how much vaunted "Belomorkanal" (cigarettes), in the modern world tobacco fierce competition and diversity, both at home and abroad, it lost its popularity. But the same tobacco products coming from the USSR are in demand by tourists as souvenirs from the Soviet era. Our tourists often take them with you on a trip across Europe.

According to statistics, only 4% sold belomorinu used for smoking. The remaining 96% is bought by cigarette cartridge, which is very convenient to change the contents.

Famous brand many times tried to take advantage of filter cigarette and vodka manufacturers. These attempts have not been particularly successful; only cigarettes have remained a real “White Sea Canal”.