How to check the FPSC tracking ID

UPS tracking for all packages!

As with other postal companies, a shipment is given its own number when it is handed over to UPS. This provider calls this the control number. Once the transport starts, tracking also starts and accompanies the shipment until it reaches its destination. The tracking number of the document or package is scanned at every UPS station and shortly afterwards you know where it is - provided you use UPS shipment tracking.

What's the point of tracking shipments?

As a UPS customer, you can easily check at any time where your shipment is going and whether it is on time via online tracking. Are you waiting eagerly for an item via UPS? Take a look at the UPS shipment tracking and look forward to the fact that the desired goods will be with you soon. Or do you sell items privately on the Internet? Then use the tracking tool to prove that the shipment is on its way to the buyer. As a commercial UPS customer, tracking helps you with the issue of proof, both to your customers and to authorities. Because one option is the VAT refund for international shipments with proof. You can also use the tracking option to fulfill your duty in terms of customs regulations when exporting outside the EU.

UPS tracking and more

With UPS My Choice, this provider is also customer-friendly. If you travel a lot, this service is interesting for you. Because with proactive delivery information (possible via SMS or e-mail) you can find out when your shipment is with you. UPS will give you the delivery time as precisely as possible. You can also use this service to arrange your desired location and time so that the deliveries are tailored to you and not the other way around.