Laugh in stars that have died

What are star children?

Behind the creation of the word 'star children' is the idea that the children who died prematurely twinkle as stars in the sky - based on the words from 'The Little Prince' by Antoine de Saint-Exupery: “If you look at the sky at night, you will it's as if all the stars are laughing because I live on one of them, because I laugh on one of them. You alone will have stars that can laugh. "


A few years ago, the loss of a child during pregnancy was described using the "neutral" terms such as miscarriage or stillbirth. Both terms objectify an emotionally profound experience that changes a parent's life forever. The term stillbirth contains a taboo word and a fact full of human contradictions: death and birth. In the case of a miscarriage, there is a negative evaluation that something went wrong or went wrong. It sounds like a devaluation.


The affectionate name Sternenkinder awakens the association with twinkling stars in the sky and with a ray of light in the darkness of mourning. And just as the stars are always there, so are the star children: They remain forever in the hearts of their parents.