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This Chicago nigga!
DJ Pharris Yo Vic!
Take it to 47th Street
Just Blaze on the beat
SC South side ...
Hyde Park Mensa Mansa Musa!

(Just Blaze)
Real as they come
Where I'm from, I'm the trillest one
Raised by the dealers in the village slum
Unemployments high it's harder to get a gig than to get a gun
They ain't got no wood shop class so the kids drill for fun
You hear me? I know the killers well no Free Willy
They make a fiasco out of you for some free chili
I can't lose, I got Allah with me
It's just me and Ferrari Sheppard up in that 550 God sent me
Had situations but it got sitchy
Got views sent on location when it got iffy
They must heard I got my bread up
And they know they can't catch up
So now they in a pickle that's a chi glizzy
I'm relishing the moment, shit everything is golden
They sleeping on me, man they must be on that melatonin
But, my career is rollin I just needed more exposure
You get exposed I'm soning niggas no Maury Pauvich
Them Savemoney soldiers hocus pocus as dope as blue magic in the nose of a smoker
I live the life of mimosas and chauffeurs, I'm overly focused, oh
My flow ain't too fast, y'all too slow

Love me or hate me you niggas ain't make me you could never break me
Oh, and this city? That's mine
I'm sticking my flag in this shit
Let me talk to 'em niggas looked in my eyes and said I could never come back
And then they watched me come back I'm gifted with the Nina
A leader for the young blacks
A hater tweeted a photo with me, asking where the guns at
What you thought was in that Heron Preston shoulder bag dumbass?
One strap
Cuz I'd rather be caught packing then be caught lackin, shit I can pay bond
I can't buy my way out a casket I snapback when they started cappin '
Ask em
They put my face on that t-shirt and they saw what happened
Bro put em on a RIP shirt and we called it fashion
That's on the 5, word to all the Jackson's
I'm bumping the tribe on a quest
In an electric car relaxing I'm on the low end
I'm up north on the pole where it's snowing
They tried to murder the whistleblower I'm Joseph Snowden
You can go decode it then
Let's see what you come back with
My hitters work the freeway
This is deeper than rap shit
Nipsey Hussle Flow, this my victory lap bitch

Writer (s): Dj Pharris, Glenn Johnson, Justin Gregory Smith, Swavell Toliver, Victor Mensah
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