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The fig, which is popular as a dried fruit, is also a pleasure fresh. You can read below where it comes from, what you should look out for when shopping and what you can do with the sweet fruits.

Interesting facts about the fig

The real fig is one of the mulberry family and one of the oldest cultivated plants. It is grown all over the Mediterranean, where the main exporting countries can be found today. Like dried figs, the fresh ones are also available from us all year round. Depending on the season, they are obtained from Turkey, Brazil, Israel, Peru or South Africa. The pear-shaped to spherical fruit from the tree is light green to purple-green on the outside and pink to bright red on the inside, depending on the variety. The fig tastes aromatic, sweet and juicy. You can eat the skin of fresh figs, which varies in thickness depending on the variety, as well as the small kernels in the flesh.

Purchasing and storage

On the fruit shelves you will find the fruit named by region of origin, not by variety. When buying, make sure that the fruits are not too soft and have no bruises or damage. At home, they should be stored in a cool, non-contact location and eaten within a few days, as fresh figs ferment quickly. You can also dry the fruit yourself with a dehydrator or in the oven to preserve it. With the latter method, it is best to choose a low temperature and leave the oven door ajar.

Useful kitchen tips

You should consider the following when processing figs: Rinse the fruit thoroughly, let it dry and remove the stalk roots. They can then be eaten whole or sliced ​​and spooned out. As a precaution, you should wash your hands after eating or processing figs, as a whitish liquid can leak out of figs, which causes a stinging sensation on contact.

Cut into small pieces, figs complement fruit salads, mueslis and desserts, can be boiled down to make jams or chutneys and baked in cakes. The fruit also tastes delicious in combination with hearty dishes. Cooked in the sauce for the roast, it skillfully refines the meat, as a side dish on the cheese platter, spicy varieties such as goat cheese or manchego. Our aromatic fig mustard goes well with it. Another great flavor combination is an autumn salad with fig, grapes and walnuts.

Fig in the EDEKA range

In addition to fresh and dried figs, you will also find canned green figs at EDEKA. The sugared fruits ripened in Spain can be used in many ways, just like fresh ones. Our tip: try a refreshing cocktail with a green fig, some juice and chilled sparkling wine.