A little boy carrying the remains

A little dandelion story

What happens if you pick a flower, put it in a glass of water and forget? It wilts - but sometimes nature has a little magic trick ready and not only amazes small children. [moreā€¦]

Once in May there was a beautiful dandelion blossom, and a little boy came and picked it. The little boy carried the dandelion home and gave it to his mother. The mother put her in a glass full of water and she put the glass on the table.

Then lunch came on the table and the dandelion blossom glowed yellow between the salad bowl and the bowl with the potatoes and the plate with the fried sausage slices and the bread basket.
After dinner my mother covered the table, and because she wanted to knock the crumbs out of the tablecloth, she put the glass with the dandelion blossom on the little cupboard. The cat jumped on the little cupboard and sniffed the dandelion blossom. Some cats like to eat grass, it is good for their digestion. But this cat also wanted to taste the dandelions.

"Will you leave that?" called the mother. She took the jar with the dandelion blossom and placed it on the large cupboard at the very top. Then she went to shake out the tablecloth. When she came back with it, the phone rang. When the mother finished the call and came back to spread the tablecloth over the table again, she had forgotten the dandelion blossom on top of the cupboard.

Towards evening the dandelion blossom folded its radiant flower head on top of the cupboard to sleep. A folded dandelion looks something like a greenish-brown, gruff bud. When something like this is on top of a cupboard, you don't even notice it from below.

The weekend began the next day, and when the dandelion blossomed during the day there was no one to admire it. And when the family came back on Sunday evening, the dandelions had grown tired. It had started to wither and was no longer glowing. And so he was forgotten ...

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