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Have the servo pump repaired

Repair of the servo pump: costs for changing and finding a workshop

The power steering pump is part of every hydraulic steering system, including the power steering in a car. The servo pump, also known as the hydraulic pump, supplies the hydraulic steering system with enough oil and pressure, which noticeably supports the steering movements. If there are problems with the steering, the cause is often the defective servo pump. Each of our partner workshops can repair or replace a defective pump quickly, at fair conditions and competently.

Find out here what work steps are carried out when changing a servo pump in the workshop and what costs are to be expected. Find independent and authorized workshops for changing the servo pump on your vehicle and compare the repair costs in your area. You can also make an appointment online at the workshop of your choice.

Defective servo pump: repair or replacement?

A repair of the servo pump in the true sense of the word is no longer done in a specialist workshop. As a rule, a defective pump is always replaced because troubleshooting and repairing the defective servo pump would unnecessarily drive up costs. Switching is simply the more cost-effective solution. Depending on the vehicle, the owner should plan around one to two hours to change the servo pump.

Procedure for repairing the servo pump at a professional

Repairing a servo pump is different because the pump can be installed in different places depending on the vehicle manufacturer, engine and model. In the VW Golf, for example, it is located below the engine.

Before changing the servo pump

When the defective servo pump is changed, the vehicle is first picked up on a lifting platform and raised because the two wheels on the front axle must be able to move freely. The specialist then loosens the tensioning element that tensions the belt that drives the hydraulic pump. In the next step, the pump wheel is dismantled with the help of a special counter holder because it covers the retaining screws of the pump. Then the specialist loosens the supply lines on the pump and can thus drain, collect and dispose of the hydraulic oil in an environmentally friendly manner. In a further step, the servo pump is completely removed and replaced.

When changing the servo pump

However, this does not mean that the work is finished. Competent specialists use such an opportunity to thoroughly flush the entire hydraulic system of the steering. This allows the professional to largely remove residues of the old hydraulic oil and possible abrasion of the old pump.

Then the new servo pump is filled with fresh oil, installed and fastened. Before the lines are connected, porous or leaky lines, seals and clamps are replaced. The pump wheel is put back in place. In terms of flat belts and pulleys, it is also advisable to use new parts in original or identical quality in order to be on the safe side here too.

After changing the servo pump

Once the new power steering pump is in place, the steering hydraulics are flushed with the new power steering oil. And that's only for professionals, because the engine is temporarily shut down by removing the main ignition cable. The oil is added while the starter is running. In this way, the servo oil is distributed evenly throughout the steering system. Finally, the expansion tank for the servo oil is filled up to the mark with the engine running.

The cost of repairing the servo pump

How high the bill for changing the servo pump will be cannot be answered across the board. The prices for replacing the defective pump start from 350 euros. Depending on the manufacturer and model, the cost can be twice as high. You can calculate and compare the costs for repairing the servo pump on your vehicle in advance online at workshops. Our FairGarage portal offers this service without obligation.

The largest part of the total bill for the repair is made up of the costs for the new servo pump in original or identical quality. The workshop costs only make up a small part of the total costs. As with almost every repair - manufacturer, model, year of construction, type of workshop and the location of the workshop are decisive for the total costs.

Examples of costs for changing the servo pump

In an Audi A4, the cost of changing the servo pump starts at 375 euros. From around 400 euros for repairs to the servo pump at aBMW 318d due and with oneVW Golf from 440 euros. Is it aMercedes C 200 CDI, the costs for the workshop appointment for changing the servo pump start at around 610 euros.

Calculate the exact costs for your vehicle and compare workshop offers in your area. You can conveniently arrange the right appointment online.