Instructions for tying the Sievert torch

Instructions for tying a bike in a pickup truck

Tie the bike

  • Lay the bike on the left side of the pickup and place it against one side of the wall. You can use any towels by placing them between the bike and the bucket to avoid scratches and damage. You have to put it on its left side as less sensitive parts will have to be damaged if something moves while driving as the crank and derailleur are on the right side.

  • Secure the front tire with a load rubber. Attach one side in front of the front tube where the handlebar meets the frame and attach the other side of the rubber to a hook in front of the funnel.

  • Attach the back of the bike. Take one side of the bucket hook and wrap the seat tube. The seat connects to the bicycle frame in the tube. Attach the other side of the rubber to a hook on the back of the bucket.

  • Place another towel between the hooks and the bike frame to ensure that neither the frame nor any parts of the bike are damaged.