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Type diagnostics

How do I find out my type: type identification and type diagnosis

That's what we don't: we don't pigeonhole you. Rather, we describe the drawer in which you are stuck through the repeated automatisms of your thinking, feeling and behavior: with the aim of opening the drawer and helping you out.

Finding out the type is the first step in your further development - or the first step in a consultation process with the Enneagram.

Find your own type:

Although we also work with tests for type finding, among other things, we are not friends of - unaccompanied - self-tests. In our experience, the difference in results is often too confusing. For many, taking a test also means: your own thinking, your own experience with yourself, so to speak, “to hand in at the cash register”: “The test found out for me that I am Type X”.

We are great friends of a democratization of type determination. Similar to our overall philosophy that people themselves are the experts of their pattern, finding your own type should also be a self-determined exploration, a self-determined journey to oneself.

Sometimes it is enough to read the descriptions of the nine types in the literature to read and determine the matches with a type.

Participation in a typing interview is more comprehensive. With one of our experts and certified teachers in your area, you can develop intelligent hypotheses about which type you belong in an approx. 1 1/2 hour counseling interview. These interviews cost something, unless they take place as part of our training and certification processes: with you as a volunteer. You can find current dates for this at our events.

An in-depth understanding of your own type enables participation in a Introductory event or at the Enneagram Professional Training. Still the best: To hear representatives of the nine types talk about themselves and their lives in a live event and to see the differences between the types, but also the people within a type.

We can still offer an excellent online type test. This option is currently only available in English and costs $ 10.

Learn typing:

You will professionally train typing in its various facets in the corresponding part of the Enneagram Professional Training.


Do you have questions about typing or would you like to attend a typing interview? We are looking forward to your contact.

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