How to make the cylinder paper plane

How to Make a Paper Airplane Glider # 2

To get one of the fastest paper surfaces to create, fold the sheet of A4 as shown in the picture.

Then fold the corners of one of the two ends of the paper to the center of the paper that was marked with the previous crease.

Then you need to fold the tip of the paper, which was triangular in shape, to a point slightly higher than the center of the sheet.

Now fold the top corners as you did in the first step. Leave the tip of the first fold visible. Look at the picture

In this step, all you need to do is fold that little tip that you had before.

Fold your future paper airplane in half.

And your To complete glider No. 2, you just have to fold both sides of the blade to form the wings.

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  • I could make the paper airplane with whatever sheet of paper you want, but it is recommended that you do it with an A4 size