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Powerful and spacious: the best cars for horse owners

To transport a horse in a trailer, your car should have a high towing capacity and space in the trunk for various accessories. The following overview shows suitable models for horse owners.

  • A pulling force of at least 2.2 tons is recommended

  • All of the cars featured have an all-wheel drive option

  • Pickups and SUVs are often good choices

The transport of horses places special demands on a vehicle. Horse trailers are heavy - they often have up to 2.7 tonnes gross vehicle weight. The towing vehicle's trailer load must be correspondingly high. In addition, are Riding equipment, like a saddle, for example, usually quite bulky. Other accessories often have to find space in the vehicle for riders: clothing, blankets, medicines or food.

Not many vehicles meet these requirements. Common ones always fit wellPickupslike the Toyota Hilux, the Mitsubishi L200 or the VW Amarok. Mostly their permissible trailer load is between 2.7 and 3.5 tons and at least in connection with a hardtop there is a huge cargo space available. Because of their rustic appearance, they are not for everyone. And because of their size, they are special often rather a hindrance in everyday urban life.

One huge interior and high trailer loads (up to 2.5 tons) also often offer Minibuses like the VW T6, the Peugeot Traveler or the Opel Zafira Life. But many drivers cannot get used to the "construction site look" of the minibuses either. That is why we have put together vehicles in our overview that have a high trailer load, a trunk of at least 360 liters and look like a car. In addition, all the cars presented have at least one option for all-wheel drive.

Audi Q5: Lots of space for horse accessories

Audi has been offering the second generation of the Q5 at. The sheet metal dress is clearly more angular and the new one has gained in length and height as well as in wheelbase. However, this is hardly noticeable in the interior: While the space available in the first row is on a similar level compared to the predecessor, the legroom in the rear decreases and that Trunk volume is lower. The current version also provides information on the usual items for a rider enough space to disposal.

The Audi can convince with its Driving behavior: In conjunction with the optional air suspension, the SUV not only offers excellent suspension comfort, but also safe driving characteristics, as confirmed by the ADAC evasion test. The 190 hp In conjunction with the dual clutch transmission, powerful diesel ensures completely sufficient driving performance and is somewhat cautious when it comes to fuel consumption. With a maximum trailer load of 2.4 tons, the all-wheel drive is also equipped for pulling most double horse trailers.

Positive: Very good processing quality, stable braking system, extensive safety equipment available
Negative: Operating concept that takes getting used to

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Audi Q7: high driving comfort, complicated operating system

With the Q7, Audi jumped on the SUV bandwagon in 2005. After ten years of construction - an eternity in today's automotive industry - the second generation rolled out to dealerships in mid-2015. Even if not that much has changed visually, technically it is a big step.

In terms of driver assistance and electronics, the Ingolstadt-based company shows what is currently possible. On the subject Weight reduction Audi has also put a lot of effort into it. Compared to its predecessor, the current model is around 300 kg lighter, but still weighs just under 2.2 tons. With the 218 hp basic diesel under the hood, the all-wheel drive offers remarkably good performance with an acceptable consumption.

The Audi Q7 not only scores with its harmonious drive unit, the high level of driving comfort is also impressive thanks to the optional air suspension and the quiet interior. The generous amount of space in the superbly crafted body and the high level of safety are also impeccable.

One point of criticism is the operating system that takes getting used to including the digital instrument cluster (optional), which only becomes accessible after a long period of getting used to it. All in all, Audi has put a very convincing vehicle on its wheels. With a trailer load of up to 3.5 tons, the Q7 can move even the heaviest trailers.

positive: Very good processing quality, high driving comfort, very high level of safety, powerful engines available, large trunk
negative: Operation takes getting used to, moderate all-round visibility, expensive to buy

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BMW X3: good tractive power, moderate consumption

Fifteen years after the debut of the BMW X3, the Munich-based company launched the third generation of the mid-range SUV in 2018. Technically, there are no quantum leaps to report, BMW has done fine-tuning and thus improved the car in many areas. The 190 hp diesel engine (20d) helps the almost 1.9-ton SUV achieve decent driving performance with moderate consumption at the same time. The even more powerful six-cylinder units are a poem, especially in train operations. But even with the four-cylinder engines, the X3 is ideally suited as a towing vehicle with a maximum trailer load of 2.4 tons.

The inner space has been completely redesigned and impresses with its very good workmanship and high-quality materials. The dashboard looks classy and scores with the ease of use that is typical of BMW. The sum of the detail improvements make the current X3 a very balanced SUV without any noteworthy weaknesses.

positive: Very high processing and material quality, good suspension comfort, harmonious engine-gearbox combinations
negative: Modest standard equipment, moderate straight-line stability

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BMW X5: comfort and good workmanship

The BMW X5 was BMW's first SUV in 1999. The fourth generation has been with dealers since the end of 2018. Like the three predecessor models, it is manufactured in the US plant in Spartanburg. The Munich-based company has only changed the appearance of the large SUV cautiously, most noticeable are the narrow taillights with LED technology.

Much more has happened in the interior. The central touchscreen is no longer enthroned on the dashboard, but is more elegantly integrated into it. Noticeable progress has the new X5 in the quality of workmanship made. In particular, the materials used in the elegant interior now appear more valuable. Here the Munich-based man is once again on par with the competition.

There are mostly powerful six-cylinders under the hood. The known Three-liter diesel, which impresses with its exemplary smoothness, motorized the X5 sovereign and harmonizes perfectly with the automatic, is the ideal choice for a towing vehicle. In view of the mass, size and performance, the consumption is not too high.

The optional air suspension system impresses with its good comfort. But you have to invest around 70,000 euros for a new X5. The maintenance also goes into the money. Even used, the X5 is expensive. After all, the X5 makes up for it with extensive comfort and safety features.

positive: High processing quality, good standard equipment, powerful and sophisticated drives, up to 3.5 t towing capacity
negative: Poor all-round visibility, expensive to buy and maintain

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Jaguar F-Pace: dynamic shapes, classy flair

For a long time, the Jaguar brand stood exclusively for elegant sedans and sporty coupés, until the British dared to venture into an SUV for the first time with the F-Pace. Visually, the F-Pace is successful and the tested 180 hp diesel ensures good driving performance. One of the potent ones Six-cylinder engines are, however, the better choice if the trailer is used frequently - at least 2.4 tons can be hooked. In terms of chassis, the F-Pace only scores average. The suspension comfort suffers somewhat from the brittle response.

It looks better with the security and connectivity equipment, here the Briton is always at the cutting edge of technology. The interior exudes a classy flair, on closer inspection it is Material quality in some places for a premium car, however disappointing.

positive: Extensive security features, good connectivity
negative: Cumbersome operation, partly disappointing material quality, rustic four-cylinder diesel

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Jeep Grand Cherokee: Solid and yet sporty

He already has an impressive stature, the Jeep Grand Cherokee. He doesn't think much of understatement, which has increased since his last facelift. The front in particular has become more distinctive and sporty. Visually, it is on par with Audi, BMW and Co., but not in terms of workmanship, where you can see a clear respectful distance to the premium competition.

The six-cylinder diesel propels the heavy car forward vigorously, runs robustly but with little vibration. Unfortunately, it disappoints with a high consumption. Nevertheless, the diesel is the ideal engine for frequent use as a towing vehicle. The engine copes well with trailers weighing up to 3.5 t.

It is very gratifying extensive basic equipment the Summit version, which not only includes luxury but also important assistance systems. With this basic equipment, the Jeep as a new car already costs over 65,000 euros. In everyday life you can also expect immense maintenance costs.

positive: Good seats, generous space in the rear, up to 3.5 tonnes towing capacity
negative: High consumption, relatively small trunk, very high maintenance costs

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Jeep Wrangler: nostalgia and convertible feeling

The Jeep Wrangler is something special: an American icon that stands for automotive freedom and whose roots go back to the 1950s. In terms of design, he takes numerous classic borrowings: The front window that can be folded forward, the external door hinges, the bonnet with clip locks - that was also the case with the ancestor. But you have to accept restrictions in everyday life. The convertible top can be fully opened and it will be difficult to find a convertible with comparable space - but you should have plenty of time, patience and skill to open and close it. The jeep can impress off-road and reaches places most other cars would not go.

The current generation (JL, since 2018) even does makes a surprisingly good impression on the road. The classic is available with a diesel (200 hp) or petrol engine (272 hp). The drainage openings in the interior are particularly practical. So you can wash out the interior with water. If you want to pull your horse trailer in a convertible and have a sense of nostalgia, the Jeep Wrangler is the ideal companion.

positive: Excellent off-road properties, available as a convertible, several body styles, washable interior
negative: Cumbersome soft top (convertible), high consumption, large turning circle

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Land Rover Defender: Stylish and practical at the same time

The Land Rover Defender is considered one of THE off-road vehicles par excellence. The first generation was produced between 1948 and 2016. The second generation has been in production since the beginning of 2020. The new Defender should follow in the footsteps of its ancestor. The thoroughbred off-road vehicle scores with a robust interior, a very good use of space thanks to the angular body and excellent terrain properties. Of course, the Defender can hook up to 3.5 t trailers. These characteristics make it a star for horse owners.

The robust interior is easy to wash off and is less likely to absorb odors. With the help of the intelligent all-wheel drive system and powerful engines the Land Rover copes well with heavy trailers. The old-fashioned predecessor has a much more rustic structure and is therefore more of a second choice.

positive: Excellent terrain properties, good use of space, high trailer loads, robust interior
negative: Large turning circle, high purchase price, used Defenders (first generation) are very rustic

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Land Rover Discovery: Lots of space and good off-road

The new Discovery (since 2017) now comes in the designer guise of the current Land Rover models. The Discovery has adopted one feature from its predecessor: the indicated step on the roof. This has a very practical background because it creates more space in the interior. That's interesting when you have that fold-out seats in the trunk orders - even adults can sit there neatly for short trips. But the Discovery also offers plenty of space for passengers and a very large trunk. There is enough space for the various riding equipment.

Both Equipment options is the "disco" on the cutting edge - Land Rover positions it clearly in the premium segment. Those who order one of the two highest equipment lines not only have to pay a lot of money, they also get impressive luxury and all kinds of assistants.

The large body makes the Discovery not exactly suitable for downtown areas; on the other hand, it scores as a towing vehicle with great comfort. She has her share in this standard air suspensionwhich provides a high level of driving comfort and also includes automatic level control. This is an advantage with a high vertical load. It also gives the Discovery excellent off-road mobility.

positive: Generous space, huge trunk, very good terrain characteristics, high trailer load, high driving comfort, third row of seats also tolerable for adults
negative: Expensive purchase and maintenance, high consumption

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Mercedes GLC: noble SUV for long stages

The Mercedes GLC has a lot to offer as an all-wheel drive. Workmanship and material quality are of a high level and, like the space available, leave little to be desired. However, the Mercedes receives criticism for that Operating concept, which is sometimes quite cumbersome. In terms of driving comfort, however, the SUV is completely convincing: thanks to the optional air suspension, the comfortable seats and the low noise level, even long stages can be covered very relaxed with the Swabian. Customers have to put up with the fact that agility falls by the wayside.

Various diesel and gasoline engines, the between 163 and 510 hp to generate. All in all, with the GLC, Mercedes has put a very successful, but also very expensive car on the wheels with a base price of over 46,000 euros.

positive: High driving comfort, very good workmanship
negative: Cumbersome operation, high costs, partly incomprehensible surcharge policy

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Mercedes GLE: the pioneer among off-road vehicles

At least in Europe, Mercedes was a pioneer in the upper mid-range SUVs. The ML, as the GLE was called until 2015, came to dealers in spring 1998 and had no serious competition for a long time. At the end of 1999 the BMW X5 and only in 2002 the Porsche Cayenne, VW Touareg and Volvo XC90 came onto the market. The current GLE was presented in 2018.

In keeping with the times, the two for Mercedes also shine in the GLE currently typical wide format displays on the dashboard. It looks modern and chic, but whether the touch surfaces on the steering wheel and the center console are the last word in terms of operation, it can be doubted.

Without question In contrast, straight six diesels are a terrific hit. They are an example of smoothness, available torque, power delivery and yes, also: exhaust gas cleaning. Only a fraction of the permitted emissions come from the tailpipes, no matter how hard you push the engines. Appearance and quality are at a very high level - as is the comfortable chassis.

positive: Extensive safety equipment, very good driving comfort, powerful and sophisticated diesel engines
negative: Control system with great distraction potential, very expensive to buy and maintain, sometimes petty surcharge policy

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ADAC driving safety training: practice with the horse trailer

In this way horse and rider arrive safely at their destination or from tournament to tournament. All information, dates and prices for the ADAC driver safety training with trailer

Opel Insignia Sports Tourer: Underestimated space saver

The Opel Insignia is undoubtedly one of the most underrated vehicles in this country and does not have to hide itself from the German premium competition. This is especially true if you order the Rüsselsheimer as a station wagon with the at least 170 hp diesel engine.In combination with all-wheel drive and manual transmission, there is one maximum trailer load of 2.2 tons available - that's enough for most horse trailers. With a length of almost five meters, the Insignia ST has actually outgrown the mid-range class, so the space for passengers and luggage is correspondingly generous.

It's good that the Insignia ST is also generous in terms of payload (615 kg). Thanks to the large trunk, the Insignia is therefore ideal for horse owners who do not like an SUV or off-road vehicle. One of the other highlights is that which is standard in Business Innovation LED light, that illuminates the road very well. The AGR front seats with their diverse adjustment options are also standard and very convincing.

For a fair price, the customer not only gets a lot of car for the money, but also a really good vehicle, as the test results in the ADAC car test clearly show.

positive: Lots of space for passengers and luggage, high payload, very good LED light, comfortable seats, fair pricing
negative: Unprotected underbody, long and wide body, trailer load is reduced with automatic

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Seat Tarraco: Flexible thanks to the sliding rear seat

So now Seat also has its large-format SUV - after all, the demand is there and money can be made with this type of vehicle quite well. The technical basis is provided by the VW Tiguan Allspace, and the Škoda Kodiaq is also closely related.

Inside, the Seat has not simply taken over everything from Wolfsburg, but has set its own accents, e.g. in the infotainment. Thanks to two rotary / push buttons, the latter is even easier and clearer to operate than that of the technology dispenser. The space is princely for up to five people, including plenty of luggage, and the sliding back seat is also an advantage. The two hardly usable jump seats in the trunk you can confidently save yourself in favor of a larger trunk.

The engineers have fine-tuned the chassis in a very balanced way. It offers a certain degree of driving dynamics, as far as this is possible in an SUV, but at the same time comfort is not neglected. All in all, the Tarraco is a well-rounded package. The maximal Trailer load is in connection with diesel, automatic and all-wheel drive at up to a remarkable 2.3 tons (VW Tiguan Allspace up to 2.4 t), which should be more than sufficient for most horse trailers.

positive: Lots of space for passengers and luggage, variable interior space, easy entry and exit
negative: Large body unwieldy in the city, emergency seats in the third row of seats hardly usable

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Volvo V90: A lot of safety and attention to detail