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German Soup Institute

A good soup is still “in”. Nevertheless, as a study by the “German Soup Institute” shows, the soup runs the risk of losing its importance for daily nutrition.

Not much more than ten different soups are on the program of the home menu. Housewives and housewives have forgotten how to make a good soup, and even professional chefs do not develop exuberant imaginations when it comes to soup.

There is no food that is more diverse than soup. Well cooked it is not only a culinary delight, with its valuable ingredients such as protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, it is an important part of our diet. In earlier times it was even considered a successful remedy for a number of "ailments" (e.g. chicken broth as a remedy for colds).

1430 soups in the soup dictionary
The "German Soup Institute" has therefore made it its task to give soup the place it deserves on our menu. That means: Consumers should be more aware of traditional foods again. The advantages of eating soup should be made clear and consumers should be informed about new and interesting recipes. The institute would like to win over young people and young adults in particular for the soup.

Just a look at the international kitchen lexicon shows what variety there is in home cooking when it comes to soup. It records 1430 soup variations from all regions of the world.

Escoffier's velvet soups with butter or egg and cream, the puree soups of “nouvelle cuisine” already known from Brillat Savarin and the soups of the Chinese provinces are only mentioned in passing. With another 1,000 recipes, China beats the rest of the world.

It should go quickly
Given the undoubtedly changed consumption habits, the German consumer would of course be overwhelmed with such a program. His pleasure in cooking has generally decreased noticeably. The industry is responding to this trend with high-quality convenience products. They make it easy to bring a soup onto the table with little effort and still enrich it with your own taste with imagination. Around half of all soups are bought ready-made today.

“It has to be done quickly,” said 47 percent of those questioned according to a Nielsen survey about the preparation of the menu. Well, this wish, as can be proven, is also met by many individual soup recipes.


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