Olechowski legal history exam english


WS 2014/15 - course no. 030206

Thomas Olechowski / Christoph Butterer

Thu wtl from 14.10. until January 20th, 4.30pm-6pm Location: lecture hall U18 Juridicum


In the compulsory exercise, focal points of constitutional history are dealt with using sources. it includes Not the entire material that is examined in the module examination from legal and constitutional history.

The material can alternatively be based on Th. Olechowski, Rechtsgeschichte. Introduction to the historical foundations of law (3rd edition, 2010) or Arbeitsgemeinschaft Österreichische Rechtsgeschichte (publisher), legal and constitutional history (3rd edition, 2014). The sources are contained in Th. Olechowski, Rechtsgeschichte. Materials and overviews (7th edition 2015).

The compulsory exercise is linked to a moodle learning platform. This includes information on the material to be prepared for the individual lessons, as well as the PowerPoint slides used and a discussion forum in which technical and organizational questions can be asked.

The course language is German.

Registration / de-registration:

Registration takes place exclusively via U: SPACE from 12th to 28th September. The students will be informed in good time before the start of the exercise by e-mail to their Unet address whether they have been included in the exercise and will automatically have access to the moodle learning platform.

Cancellations can be made independently via U: SPACE within the deadline specified there. After this point in time, cancellation is only possible for important reasons (illness, occupation ...) and only after a personal consultation with one of the two course instructors and providing appropriate evidence (confirmation of illness, etc.).

Positive testimony: Two exams are written in the exercise, each of which can earn a maximum of 250 points; only the better of the two exams will be assessed for the final grade. If only one exam was taken, only this will be used for the final grade. Every increase in work brings 5 ​​points.

For a "sufficient" are xx Points, for a "satisfactory" xx Points, for a "good" xx and for a "very good" xx Points needed.

No aids (books, electronic devices, etc.) may be used during the exams; Dictionaries for students whose mother tongue is not German are excluded. The use of this resource must be announced before the start of the exam.

In the case of underhanding ("cheating"), the entire PÜ is not assessed, but a corresponding note is entered in the collective certificate, which is visible throughout the course.

Schedule overview (Subject to change):

14. 10. Preliminary meeting; the time until 1848

21. 10. The time up to 1848 (continued)

28. 10. The Constitutional Monarchy (1848-1918) I.

04/11 The constitutional monarchy (1848-1918) II

11. 11. The constitutional monarchy (1848-1918) III

18 11. FIRST CLAUSE; The Democratic Republic (1918-1933) I.

25. 11. The Democratic Republic (1918-1933) II

02.12 The dictatorships (1933-1945)

09. 12. The dictatorships (1933-1945) II

16. 12. Fundamental rights and jurisdiction under public law

13. 01. SECOND CLAUSE, Austria and Europe since 1945 I.

20. 01. Austria and Europe since 1945 II