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The Lincoln Conspiracy

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Feature film USA 2010

America, April 1865. The bloody civil war is almost over after the surrender of the largest Confederate army. For the fanatical southerner John Wilkes Booth, the fight is not over yet. He had long planned the assassination of Abraham Lincoln with a group of like-minded people. On the evening of April 14th, the time had come: When the president went to the theater, Booth sneaked unhindered to his box and shot him in the head at close range.

At the same time, his accomplice, Lewis Payne, intrudes into Secretary of State William Seward's rooms and seriously injures him. Seward survives, but Lincoln dies on the morning of April 15th from his injuries. The nation is in shock. The young lawyer and former war hero Frederick Aiken is also stunned by this hitherto unprecedented terrorist attack. A feverish hunt for the conspirators begins.

Booth dies in a shootout with his pursuers, while the others are arrested and tried before a military tribunal. Among them is Mary Surratt, the mother of John Surratt, who was the only one of the assassins to escape. She is said to have supported the men in their plans.

When Frederick Aiken is appointed their public defender from the highest level, he is torn: On the one hand, as a staunch Northerner, he does not want to defend any of the conspirators, on the other hand, he quickly realizes that Mary is facing an unfair show trial. The more he delves into her case, the more he doubts her complicity. He tries in new ways to prove her innocence in court.

But the political pressure is enormous: nobody seems interested in Mary's acquittal. One wants to make an example of the conspirators - without exception. Nevertheless, Aiken does not give up until the end in order to save his client from an execution.

More about the film

Two-time Oscar winner Robert Redford staged the legendary trial of the Lincoln assassins as a gripping political and judicial drama. In doing so, he adheres closely to historical facts, but also gives the story something very contemporary through critical allusions to America after 9/11. Leading actor James McAvoy is best known for his role in the award-winning historical drama "Atonement" and in the comic book adaptation "X-Men: First Decision". Robin Wright delighted critics and audiences in the series "House of Cards".

Cast and staff

Mary SurrattRobin Wright
Frederick AikenJames McAvoy
Nicholas BakerJustin Long
Anna SurrattEvan Rachel Wood
John SurrattJohnny Simmons
John Wilkes BoothToby Kebbell
Abraham LincolnGerald Power
Lewis PayneNorman Reedus
SewardGlenn R. Wilder
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Music:Mark Isham
Camera:Newton Thomas Sigel
Book:Gregory Bernstein
James D. Solomon
Director:Robert Redford

First broadcast: April 18, 2015