How to play nrg file on ps2

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Nero Burning ROM gives you the option of creating two different types of disc images.

'Nero image files (* .nrg)' consist of Nero's own disc image format, which can be used for all types of compilations, including audio CD, bootable CDs, mixed mode CD, etc. The 'ISO image file format (* .iso ) 'only supports the standard disc formats for CD, DVD, Blu-ray Disc and cannot be used for the formats mentioned above.

Nevertheless, creating an ISO image is a convenient way of integrating virtual disk drives into PCs that do not have a disk burner / player. With an "ISO Image" or a "Nero Disc Image" you can also burn several identical copies of a disc onto several physical discs very quickly and easily.

Imagine you want to create several MP3 disc copies from an 'ISO Image'.

To burn a disc image, select the 'Image Recorder' in the menu at the top. Click on 'Burn' at the top of the menu and the 'Burn Compilation' window will open. Here click on 'Burn' below.

To save as an ISO image, select 'ISO image file (* .iso)' in the storage options at the bottom of the screen and enter the storage location on your PC or an external drive, as well as the name of your disc image.

A disc image consists of the identical file structure of an optical disc. If you are using Windows 10 or Windows 8.1, you can use your ISO image for CDs, DVDs, or Blu-ray discs as a virtual disc drive in Windows Explorer.

To create multiple identical MP3 discs, simply go to the location of your ISO image and right-click ‘Burn Image to Disc‘. Nero Burning ROM opens automatically.

Enter the number of discs that you want to burn in the 'Burn Compilation' window. Make sure that your burner is selected as a device and click on ‘Burn’. The disc image will now be burned to disc.

Nero Burning ROM prompts you to insert more discs and continues to burn automatically until the number of discs to be burned is reached. This makes burning multiple discs from one disc image very convenient.