How to only print emails in Yahoo!

E-mail attachment - this is how it works with Yahoo

If you also want to add an attachment to your e-mail at Yahoo, that's no problem. Here's how to do it.

Photos and videos can be sent to friends, relatives or colleagues as e-mail attachments. This is more than easy with the provider Yahoo. This article explains which steps are necessary for this.

E-mail attachment at Yahoo - this is how it works

  1. Log into your email account with your Yahoo ID and your registered password.
  2. At the top left click on "Compose Message". The window for writing the e-mail opens.
  3. Enter the recipient's email address and your desired text as usual.
  4. To add an email attachment, click the black "Attach files" button.

Add attachments - that's how it's done

  1. A window will now open in which you can select the files you would like to attach from your files. Select the file you want and click Open.
  2. The file is now uploaded and is visible as a small gray bar with the file name below "Attach files".
  3. To attach another file, click "Attach files" again and do the same for the next file.
  4. Once you have uploaded all the attachments you want, click on "send" at the top of your e-mail. The e-mail including the e-mail attachment will now be sent to the desired recipient. Finished!

Sending emails with attachments is really a breeze. However, you should make sure that you do not attach too many files to an e-mail. Many providers have strict guidelines on how large an attachment can be in order to be able to receive it. If possible, ask the recipient of the email beforehand what this default looks like for his provider.

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