Volvo s80 2009 won't start when it's hot

Engine does not get hot + How to change the thermostat?

Hi Guys,

on my T5 the warming needle has recently stopped moving clearly in front of the middle position! I would say that it only makes 2/3 of the way to the middle, so it stands at about 11 a.m. Otherwise it was always exactly in the middle. It doesn't get really hot inside either.

My suspicion now is that the thermostat is no longer working properly. Is it easy to change the 2001 T5?


this Swedish guy

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Then everything is good.

It would only have been of relevance for the engine if it took a month to warm up every time it was driven in winter. That wouldn't be good for the engine, and it certainly wouldn't kill it either.


I'm not opening a new thread now, even with me the thermostat is no longer completely fresh.

Just which one is it?

My S60 2.4d 2008 has the following engine code: D5244T5

According to Vida it is the following article number: 31293698

If this were on Skandix: Here

But it costs € 104.90, which I honestly think is a bit exaggerated, especially since only the thermostat is broken and not the housing and sensor.

Then at Skandix there are also the 92 and 90 thermostats individually: Here

It then costs € 8.90, but does it fit? Unfortunately, only it says below: Volvo S60 (-2009) with restrictions: model year, engine type

I have attached the Vida graphic, because the thermostat is listed individually (position 7), but has no article number. The entire package is listed at position 1 and is that at Skandix for 104.90 €.

Is that just making money or is it really not possible to change the thermostat there individually?


Addition: It seems that this is really not planned, the two individual thermostats are apparently suitable for gasoline engines up to 2002, according to Skandix, then I'll have to bite the bullet. Strangely enough, the sensor and a seal are available individually, the rest only as a complete package.

At Polarparts I just looked up, stating HSN / TSN and there only the complete information is displayed like at Skandix. When it comes to the link from you on eBay I don't get very clever either, it comes up to year of construction 2006/08, so apparently something is different after that (I've attached a screenshot, I've got the one with 163 hp).

I can also hardly search for a suitable thermostat individually because I don't have an item number for it from Vida, thank you Volvo.

Has nobody faced the problem with year of construction> 2007?


You're right, I didn't look carefully. I have now ordered it with a seal and will then report back. Thanks :-)