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The "epidemic" from which hardly anyone dies

First of all, it should be said that I am writing this article primarily for all those who support the government's corona measures. I therefore ask you to “clear your head” before reading and concentrate on the bare numbers. I know how difficult it is when the media and politics speak in unison about a great danger. It's hard to believe that maybe it's a little different from what a supposedly large majority are trying to tell us. That is how man is psychologically knitted.

Hence my request: Let yourself be drawn into the bare facts and figures, check my information and think about it. If you then come to the conclusion that I am wrong in my conclusions, that's perfectly OK. We don't all have to agree. But we should at least listen to each other.

This is what this article is all about: listen, read carefully, think about it calmly, and question your points of view. After that you can either change your mind or consolidate your existing opinion. It's up to you!

The media

Corona shows how incredibly powerful the media is. After a year of constant exposure to the Corona panic and almost half a year of lockdown, people in the West are now soft boiled and even find the restrictions on their supposedly particularly protected basic rights in order.

Freedom of assembly? Can go. Freedom rights? Are a privilege. Two-class society of vaccinated and non-vaccinated? Gladly, if you finally get a few freedoms back in return.

In this article I want to point out two things: First, the bare numbers so that everyone can consider whether the measures are justified. And secondly, the development of how politics and the media have boiled people so soft in a short period of time that they now accept everything that would have been unacceptable just a few months ago.

The plague"

Imagine there was a disease that kills less than 0.1 percent of the population in a year, with well over 90 percent of those victims being old and seriously ill people over 70, which in turn means the dead are under 60 make up less than 0.01 percent of the population.

It would be a disease that would hardly be worse in terms of its effects on the population than a severe flu epidemic and which healthy people are almost completely spared, as the figures show.

Corona is the disease we are talking about. 0.1 percent of the population in Germany died of Corona in one year, as Statista shows. And 90 percent of the victims were over 70 years old. Only 197 of the almost 76,000 official corona victims were under 30 years of age. And just over 7,000 were between 30 and 69 years old. These are numbers, like with a flu wave, only with the over 70 year olds Corona “rages” according to the official figures worse than a flu wave.

The manipulation of the numbers

In addition, these official figures, which do not actually point to a catastrophe, have also been manipulated upwards. It does this in two ways.

Firstly, the number of corona victims is inflated by including people in the statistics who have tested positive for corona at some point, but have long since tested negative again and then on something else, for example a car accident or cancer, died. If this is new to you, you can check it out here with all the original sources. Although the article is a few months old, nothing has changed significantly in the guidelines by which the official statistics are kept.

Actually are at Corona far fewer people died, as autopsies have shown hundreds of deaths recorded as corona victims in the statistics, for example in Hamburg. The victims were old and seriously ill people (average age 83 years, 75 percent of the victims were over 76 years old) who could not live long even without Corona and "in very few exceptional cases, people died of Covid-19 without any identifiable previous illness.“

The second, even clumsier manipulation of the numbers is as follows: Usually, the victims of comparable diseases are counted per season. In the case of a flu epidemic, for example, the dead in a season are counted, then the "counter" is reset to zero and in the new season you start counting again from zero.

It is different with Corona. You keep counting and so you inevitably come up with high numbers at some point, you just have to wait long enough and always add everything up. Actually, as you do with comparable diseases, you should have started counting again from zero in autumn 2020. But since you didn't do that, you had high death rates and you could convince people that the lockdown was absolutely necessary.

Countries outside the west

Outside the power of the Western media, Corona hardly takes place in the media and in everyday life. I live in Russia and the media here hardly report about Corona. The only restriction in everyday life is a mask requirement in supermarkets and in public transport (which, however, nowadays hardly anyone adheres to) and certain restrictions for major events, otherwise life goes on as normal: all shops are open, bars, restaurants and clubs work normally, Distance teaching is only offered at some universities and schools.

But the death rate from Corona is hardly higher in Russia than in the West, where curfews are imposed and lockdowns are declared. I have reported on this in detail, you can find the article here. And Russia is only one example, the same applies to all the other countries in the world that do not follow the corona panic widespread in politics and the media in Western countries. Nowhere are tons of people dying.

And while the number of intensive care beds in Germany was around 30,000 a year ago, intensive care beds were dismantled en masse in Germany despite (or because of?) Corona, their total number is currently only 22,000. In Russia, on the other hand, as a precautionary measure, the number of beds has been massively increased and, for example, exhibition centers have been converted into corona stations, which, however, are practically nowhere needed and in some cases are already being dismantled.

German politics has artificially created the potential lack of intensive care beds, which the media has now lamented.

Regardless of whether or how dangerous Corona is, one thing can be said: In Germany, the crisis in intensive care beds was created by politics and the media do not complain about it, but report in dramatic articles that there will soon be no more intensive care beds available and that Doctors then may have to decide who to let die and who to put in an ICU bed. The fact that politics in Germany - such as in Russia, for example - could have increased the number of beds in the last 12 months and that the (so far only potential) shortage of intensive care beds would not have occurred, complains to the oh-so-critical " Quality media “nobody.

Orwell and the Fundamental Rights

We have always learned that the fundamental rights in the Basic Law are inviolable, that would be a lesson from the Nazi era. We are currently experiencing that this is not the case. Due to an "epidemic", from which hardly any healthy person and hardly anyone under the age of 70 dies, the freedom of assembly is massively restricted and people who still want to demonstrate for their fundamental rights and freedoms are shown in the media as anything, including Nazis, defamed.

It is pure Orwell when people who fight for their basic rights are called Nazis and at the same time the restriction of basic rights is correct. That was exactly what happened in 1933: the Nazis suspended basic rights under the pretext of a crisis that was dangerous for the people and the state. Anyone who addresses this, i.e. whoever criticizes the Nazis, is now a Nazi for the German media. Orwell couldn't stop laughing if he could still experience it.

And after a year of constant media fire from politics and the media, people are ready to let anything go with them. It is accepted that one has to be vaccinated against the "dangerous epidemic" if one wants to eat in a restaurant, go to a concert or go on a trip again. It is accepted that those who refuse to be vaccinated will be deprived of these fundamental rights.

This is a reversal of the fundamental rights, because now there are no longer any fundamental rights, now the fundamental rights are becoming privileges that must be earned. It's pure Orwell again when basic rights become privileges.

The chronology of manipulation

I do not want to repeat everything that I have already written about it, because I have traced in detail the chronology of how the media and politics have prepared people for the permanent restriction of their fundamental rights by December 2020 at the latest in two articles. The first article from January 2021 can be found here, the second from the beginning of March 2021 can be found here.

In these articles you can see very nicely how in December compulsory vaccination and a two-class society of vaccinated and non-vaccinated people was a taboo, which then individual voices in politics broke and then it quickly became a unified opinion that exactly what in the December was still unacceptable, suddenly becomes a reality. That this was by no means an unintended development could already be seen from the fact that at the end of December there were initial indications from official Spanish sources that an EU-wide vaccination register was already being worked on behind the scenes.

Mind you: At the time it was not mentioned anywhere and the politicians have officially spoken out against such a database and the two-class society that results from it. It was not until the beginning of March that, according to the official interpretation, the EU decided to introduce such a register, which was already mentioned in Spain at the end of December.

And then everything went very quickly, the health data of all EU citizens in Brussels should be in a database as early as the summer. Privacy? Sucks! Free decision-making power over the most private data a person has? You don't need any more.

And people go along with it because they've been boiled soft for months. They are now apparently ready to accept anything, if only they can regain at least a few of their basic rights, which have now become privileges.

And the same politicians who three months ago were against any privileges for vaccinated people are now demanding these privileges themselves.

Reactions and the situation in other countries

The fact that the WHO has spoken out against the EU vaccination certificate has been ignored by the same media and politicians who always demand that one should listen to the WHO.

In order to make the mouth watery for people looking forward to the new privileges that were previously basic rights, the "quality media" are now repeatedly reporting on the shining example of the USA, where vaccinated people are again allowed to celebrate in small groups. And this already exists in Germany, whereby the pressure on vaccination refusals is increasing. In Berlin, restrictions in old people's homes will be relaxed if at least 80 percent of the residents are vaccinated. Who would want to be one of those people who refuse to be vaccinated and then everyone else blames them for not being allowed to see their grandchildren?

It is the age-old principle of “carrot and stick.” Those who get vaccinated enjoy privileges that were previously basic rights, and those who refuse to be vaccinated face punishment and even greater social exclusion. In Italy, a mandatory vaccination for employees in the health sector has already been introduced. Those who do not want to be vaccinated can lose their job and no longer have a chance to work in their profession.

The consequences of the "epidemic" from which hardly anyone dies

Let me remind you once again of the bare numbers that I showed at the beginning of the article. All these measures are justified with an "epidemic" from which hardly any healthy person dies. The victims have an average age that is above average life expectancy. And whether all the victims listed in the statistics really died of Corona, or only tested positive and fell down the stairs long after a negative test, cannot be determined from the official figures. But it is no secret that people who tested positive and who died long after a negative test for other reasons are included in the statistics and anyone interested can read it on the official pages of the responsible authorities.

But that's not all, because the collateral damage of the measures is perhaps worse than Corona itself. The economic and social damage will not be reported to us in official statistics until after the federal election. Politicians do not want to burden people with this before the election, which is why the obligation to report bankruptcies has been lifted and the short-time working allowance has been extended so that it only expires after the election for the first affected, still in the lockdown a year ago. The full impact of the social and economic consequences of the lockdowns will only be visible in people's experiences and in the official statistics until 2022.

The long-term consequences for children cannot be foreseen. As early as the beginning of February, studies showed that a good third of children in Germany show psychological abnormalities because of the restrictions. That should become more and more. In plain language: Because of an "epidemic" from which 0.1 percent of the population dies, restrictions are being introduced that lead to mental disorders in 30 percent of children.

The same applies to the increase in domestic violence reported in lockdown.

And because the hospitals were forced to postpone necessary examinations and treatments, for example in the case of cancer, in anticipation of the wave of corona patients, one can only estimate how many human lives have fallen victim to the corona measures. For example, one study speaks of a 20 percent increase in cancer deaths.

What is all this for?

Especially when, like me, you live in a country where this circus doesn't take place, where life goes on as normal and there are still no piles of corpses piled up in the morgues, one wonders why politics and the media in the West are doing all this Organize theater.

And it is actually a western phenomenon. I have a friend from Mexico who teaches politics and philosophy at the university in Russia and he has looked at the corona reporting in Spanish-speaking countries. The result: countries that generally follow the US line politically have the same panic reporting that we see in Germany and have also introduced lockdown and other measures.

On the other hand, Spanish-speaking countries that generally do not follow US policy have - as in Russia - no corona panic in the media and hardly any restrictions.

It is striking and undeniable that Corona is basically a Western phenomenon.

One inevitably wonders why all this?

But I don't want to speculate about that here, although a lot is already quite openly visible in my eyes. We'll see, but when the media speaks of a “new normal” after Corona, it should certainly not be an exaggeration. On the contrary, the media are already preparing people so that their lives will never be the same as it was before Corona.

It should be clear that there will be fewer freedoms in the West afterwards. The division in society will deepen, the social problems will increase. Orwell is becoming a reality in many respects, as we are already experiencing.

And all because of a "plague" from which very few die.

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    1. The number of hospital beds in Germany has decreased significantly. According to the Federal Statistical Office, 498,000 hospital beds were available in 1,925 clinics in 2018. In 1991 there were 666,000 beds in 2,411 hospitals. That means a decrease of 25 percent.
      But: In the same period there was a significant increase in the number of medical staff. The number of full-time employees rose 73 percent to 165,000 in 2018.
      ... According to statisticians, the number of intensive care beds has also increased: It rose by 36 percent from 20,200 in 1991 to 27,500 in 2018. However, that was before the corona pandemic, which led to a further expansion of intensive care care in recent months . Betten- geht-stark-rückueck

  1. Dear Mr. Röper, people who are triggered by fear are then no longer able to absorb rational thoughts, the reptilian brain blocks the path to the cerebrum. Only through another high emotional experience is there a chance that the path to the cerebrum will be free again for a moment. They have been caught in fear of death, so they must first come into real danger of death in order to become accessible for the rational. Until then, you talk to the reptilian brain of humans. You might as well try to have a reasonable conversation with a monitor lizard.

  2. In this context, a very interesting "oddity":

    This platform

    ____: //

    won my attention in which there under the title:

    "24 heads of state call for more globalization in the face of the pandemic"

    a "letter" was referred to, which is quite informative because of its content - but poses some "riddles".

    You should read that, but I was more interested in who these 24 heads of state are who signed it (only the GB, France and the FRG are mentioned there). why I "looked" and actually found it in an unexpected place:

    ____: // printPagedArticle = true # pageIndex_3
    "A great treaty to fight pandemics"

    Here we are talking about a “call”, I “copy” the 24 listed leaders for a better understanding:


    As you can see, it is a "very colorful bunch".

    Therefore, in my opinion, quite interesting questions arise:

    1. Who initiated this “appeal”?
    2. Who wrote this “appeal”?
    3. How did this “call” get to the relevant addresses?
    4. Have all the leaders of the world received this “appeal”?
    5. If the answer to 4. is “yes”: What made certain leaders sign, while others apparently refrained from doing so?
    6. If the answer to 4. is “no”, which leaders received this “appeal” and what criteria were used to select them by whom?

    1. Look, RT was already busy with this:

      "To prepare for the pandemic of tomorrow: international treaty aimed at the world powers" (30.03.)
      _____: //

      "Plea against a pandemic emergency authorization agreement made by Macron, Merkel and Johnson" (05.04 .; guest article)
      _____: //

      I guess I missed that.
      But they didn't ask the correct questions, let alone answered them.

  3. The question now is what is the purpose of this. At the moment, large parts of the economy are being destroyed, the already catastrophic German education system is now failing completely, so it will produce even fewer highly qualified people in the coming years, government finances will be ruined and the gap to emerging countries such as China, Russia or India will be even greater . In politics there are only amateurs, so who is supposed to introduce dictatorial conditions here, which economically put the “opponents” Russia or China in their place, as was the case up to now? I admit that it has not yet been revealed to me, because the West cannot wage a war as a way out of this situation either, because it would inevitably degenerate into a nuclear war. So what is the purpose of this? Just more surveillance and maneuvering of the citizens seems too banal to me.

    1. Kutuzov: "So what is the purpose of this?"

      That is probably not apparent to a normally thinking brain. Last year I wrote somewhere that it was about the biggest raid in history and now I am convinced that megalomaniacs will also accept a nuclear war because they actually believe in their hubris that they will survive it and that it will be like afterwards will be in Chernobyl, with a few oddities, but by and large all good.

      Whatever is behind it, it is terrifying.

    2. That's the big question! (You can't pull anything out of a naked man's pocket) Even in Namibia you can only get into the country with a PCR test! Well - some corporations have withdrawn billions, that's a motivation. Also, the fact that every global citizen is vaccinated twice a year and should be tested twice a day with a test may bring in two or three years of money, then the means for it are at the end and we come back to the question of what is all about ? That Germany is in the focus of the disruption is easy to see, only what is behind GröKaZ - what goals does it have or what kind of plan is it carrying out? You can see that quite intelligent people who are able to recognize the nonsense are completely behind the crazy measures! (President of the Medical Chamber, e.g. the deer doctor, or certain musicians who don't just read Spiegel or Alpenprawda) What do these people have in common? I think there lies the key - it would be very interesting to find out, but then the question immediately follows: what do they get out of it?

  4. Cuba certainly does not generally follow US policy, but has nevertheless introduced drastic corona quarantine measures. At the end of January I had to take a taxi back 650km from Las Tunas to Havana because all train and bus connections between the provinces were closed. As a result of the US state of siege that has lasted for 60 years, the population stands behind the government's measures without discussion. Corona cases are correspondingly low, which has a positive effect on the strongly shrunk tourism. Canadians praise the safe location in the tourist ghettos Cayo-Coco etc.

  5. Thierry Meyssan wrote an interesting article on this in the Voltaire network. Quote heading:
    “The Covid-19 epidemic affects the whole world, but its mortality rate ranges from 0.0003% in China to 0.16% in the US, more than 400 times as much. This difference can be explained by genetic characteristics, but above all by different medical approaches. He testifies that the West is no longer the center of reason and science. "

    I think the last sentence is crucial. We have a very bizarre mixture of obedience to the authorities (THAT is the discipline in which we Germans have been absolute world champions for over 150 years!), Brainwashing, bizarre bourgeoisie and a complete lack of being able to think and judge independently.

    I believe that the West is no longer just the center of reason and science, but that we have long since reached a decadence that can probably no longer be brought under control by political or social means.

    The most prominent example of this is Joe Biden, hailed as the Messiah by the united cartel press. A normal and rationally thinking person who is not too much politically influenced should actually grab his ass if this total failure as head of state and government. Would you like more examples? How about the outstanding competence of some of our ministers?
    People like Andreas Scheuer, Julia Klöckner but also Heiko Maas and Jens Spahn, for example, demonstrate such incompetence in their departments that one wonders why everything has not collapsed here ...

  6. Class summary article. I can use it very well to inform others.

    One could have mentioned the 100-300 million people who are now starving because of the measures. (in addition to those who had to before) Add to that the countless rapes and cases of abuse and violence by people locked up at home.

  7. The indebtedness of the many individuals here in Europe because of the appalling lockdowns are generating horrific profits for the banks and enabling governments, among many other things, to launch an arms race.
    To make matters worse, Germany, almost on time for the start of the pandemic, said yes to the Euthanasia Act in February 2020. Here in Switzerland, a much longer tradition is already "cultivated" in this regard, a world leader; after all, Zurich is known as the Mecca for those willing to die. Nevertheless, even today, and especially with the sacred sounding term “terminal fasting”, one still feels sick if one imagines this senicide in a pandemic context.

    Birgit Kelle:

    After more than 80 years, perhaps for the very last time, an EU-wide, involuntary JEKAMI in the discipline of Terminales fasting could take place as a warning sign if the leaders on Orwell's "Animal Farm" meant other pigs than Piggeldy and Frederick ...

  8. It's good that nobody believes that Corona has anything to do with a pandemic. If anyone believed that, they would be calling for a major expansion of the health system. But everyone is satisfied with the closings of hospitals, the dismantling of intensive care units and hospital beds.

  9. Just to think about it: Maybe the number of infections and deaths in Germany are only so low because the "corona measures" are showing their effect !?
    In the Spanish-speaking countries mentioned, the years of infection and death are much higher and even in so disciplined Sweden the number of deaths per 100,000 inhabitants is still much higher than in D.
    You don't always have to think outside the box, you can also think for yourself.

    As for the much-cited “poor children”, I wonder how we as a war and post-war generation managed to build Germany? Two years ago, the biggest worry of parents was tearing their children away from their computers and smartphones, and now home learning is suddenly life-threatening - I'm sorry, I don't understand.

    1. Sorry, but the effect of the corona measures is nonsense, as you can see in the article about Russia, for example.
      Regarding the supposedly higher numbers in Sweden, have you checked or are you just repeating what the media tell you? I checked it: Sweden has 10 million inhabitants and 13,500 corona victims. This results in practically the same figures as in Germany: 0.13% of the population died of or with Corona. Where is that "far" higher than in Germany ", where it is 0.1%?
      Therefore, I am giving you your tip: Do not think outside the box, and above all do not believe everything blindly, but think for yourself and above all check for yourself!

      1. Sweden: 10 million inhabitants and 13,500 corona victims corresponds to approx. 135 corona victims per 100,000 inhabitants
        Germany: 80 million inhabitants and approx. 77,000 corona victims corresponds to approx. 96 corona victims per 100,000 inhabitants
        Portugal: 10 million inhabitants and approx. 16,900 corona victims corresponds to approx. 169 corona victims per 100,000 inhabitants

        1. I had forgotten Russia.
          140 million inhabitants and 101,106 corona victims corresponds to approx. 71 corona victims per 100,000 inhabitants
          Whereby the values ​​between the individual regions fluctuate as much as in Sweden.
          For example, Moscow with its 14 million inhabitants has almost 17 thousand corona victims, i.e. around 120 corona victims per 100,000 inhabitants

      2. You should definitely research one aspect.
        How long is the length of stay of severely affected corona patients who are of working age or who are below average life expectancy? You will have to realize that this disease is not a flu! The long-term effects are more serious than with flu. Therefore it makes sense to take measures so that fewer people get sick! Long before Corona, I was disturbed by the carelessness of society with which certain diseases (flu, norovirus, etc.) were confronted! The absolute ridiculousness was when hygiene rules were propagated in the media. Usually you learn these as a child. Wearing an MSN for colds should have been standard by now! So we would have significantly fewer problems with the corona virus.
        And yes, I agree with you that a lot of politics and polemics are being carried out with the so-called pandemic, statistics are being falsified and very questionable decisions are being enforced. Unfortunately, it is not yet clear to me where everything will lead.

    2. Susanne M .: "As far as the much-cited" poor children "are concerned, I wonder how we as a war and post-war generation managed to build Germany?"

      That is hard to beat in terms of cynicism. Emergencies in real disasters can hardly be compared with this inflated flu episode. Obviously you think that it doesn't matter if children have to endure suffering because other children have suffered before that too. For 🤮

  10. One inevitably wonders why all this?
    But I don't want to speculate about that here, although a lot is already quite openly visible in my eyes.

    Go to memorials and memorials, the corona protection regulations are posted everywhere.
    Go to the libraries and read the Reichsgesetzblatt and Reichsarbeitsblätter from 33-45 there and you will find ALL Corona measures.
    Replace everything that is referred to as Jew / Roma / Sinti with the term Corona.

    Goebbels called the Jews "parasites" and "bacilli". And now Corona is a virus.
    Both have nothing to do with each other and you can't compare the two.
    But you can and you have to compare it, because this comparison doesn't even limp.

    The Germans do it today exactly as it was done in 1933-1945.
    Only today the "enemy" Corona seems to be named, in the past it was the Jew / Sinti / Roma or "class enemy".

    The aim of these corona measures is again:
    "Privatize profits, socialize losses!"

  11. One country that is 100% certain not to be influenced by the USA or Western Europe is Iran.
    Similar to Germany, Iran has 83 million inhabitants and, according to official information, 63,300 people have died of or with Corona so far. This corresponds to a quota of 76 inhabitants per 100,000 inhabitants, which is lower than in D. Nevertheless, there are strict safety regulations in Iran. What the Deputy Health Minister has to say about the Corona situation in Iran can be read here (
    I once translated the text with Google:

    The Deputy Minister for Health, Treatment and Medical Education said: "In the red cities, both religious and national educational and social activities are completely closed."
    According to the Webda report, quoted by radio and television, Dr. Iraj Haririchi added in a video link with the news studio of the 21st Monday evening of the One-TV channel: Traveling to the red cities with a non-local car and leaving the local car through the red cities is prohibited.
    He pointed out that in red cities workers have the option of up to half of them being present in essential occupations, he continued: Only a third of employees can be present in unnecessary occupations.
    Dr. Haririchi said, "Any gathering of more than 15 people is illegal."
    The deputy health minister said: The Tehran province's Corona headquarters has called for more restrictions on Tehran.
    He also said about the change in the color of cities: the presence of mutant viruses and the increasing rate of infection in the city, as well as the number of positive tests that are done in that city, are among those factors that predict the situation in all of these conditions the future.
    He added, "If we do the staining based on hospital stays alone, the outpatient phase of the disease will be over and we will have reached the second half of the epidemic conflict in this city."
    Regarding the possibility of a 10-day closure in Tehran, Dr. Haririchi: "There are currently restrictions and closings of workplaces in groups 2, 3 and 4 in Tehran."
    Pointing out that we have requested Group 1 Jobs activities in Tehran, he added, “The rest of the Jobs have been requested to be completely closed and a decision that is in accordance with collective wisdom and in the public interest, is approved by the National Corona Headquarters. "
    The Deputy Minister of Health stated that the imported vaccines were immediately included in the distribution cycle and that we were considering 4 phases for vaccination.In the first phase, the first line staff should provide services to Covid 19 patients who are at high risk of infection. Those at high risk of hospitalization and death due to corona include the elderly in nursing homes, physical and Physically challenged people in care centers, veterans in care centers, and war veterans who make up over 50% of the chemicals and staff in those centers.
    He added: The first phase involves 1.3 million people.
    Dr. Haririchi continued: The second phase includes elderly people starting from 80 years old and 5 to 5 years old and over 65 years old, as well as people at risk for diseases and underlying diseases that affect Based Risk Analysis: People im Ages 16 to 64 are vaccinated.
    The Deputy Health Minister noted that the third phase of vaccination consists of three groups: the first group of people living in community centers such as barracks, prisons and camps for legal immigrants, children detained in community centers, and the second group of Other The staff who provide essential services to the community, such as law enforcement, bank clerks, teachers, etc., and the third group of people are 55 to 64 years old, the third stage includes about 12 to 13 million people.
    He added, “The fourth phase of vaccination includes all people in the community who are under 55 years of age and have no underlying disease. These people are treated according to age priority and according to the production of internal vaccines. "
    Dr. Haririchi continued: “We are currently in the first phase of vaccination. You are in the hospital and infected. You have been vaccinated, but the first phase has not yet been completed.
    He added, “So far, 590,000 doses of vaccines have been officially distributed and injected, and with the imported vaccines that came into the country yesterday and today, more people will be covered, mainly first-line workers providing services to patients . "
    The Deputy Minister of Health said: "Most people who have been vaccinated have received the first dose so far, and around a few thousand people have received the second dose of the vaccine."

    End of translation.
    And all the effort just because of a harmless flu ???

    1. The flu is never harmless and the only person who has used that word is you. What's wrong with you? 🤔

      1. @ TillSitter
        I don't live in a bubble.

        1. "I don't live in a bubble."

          Of course not! Who would even consider such a thing? 😎 However, why you want to give the impression that Corona is being portrayed as harmless is still not clear to me.

        2. @Susanne M.

          I would also be interested in how you can focus on the numbers without considering weighty facts that are covered in the article under the heading "The manipulation of numbers". Here again the reference:

          Do you just hide such facts? There has to be a cognitive dissonance that can only be dealt with in a bubble. 🤔

          1. I would like to thank Susanne M. for the many numbers presented, all of which confirm exactly what I am writing: Even according to the official figures (which one can doubt for the reasons mentioned), Corona is not much more dangerous than a severe flu epidemic, which also millions die every year. But with the flu, there has been no mask requirement and no lockdowns for the past 100 years.
            Susanne M. did not understand the core question, or at least did not address it: Why such tough measures if the disease does not kill people en masse? Recommendations for wearing a mask and exercising caution are certainly required, but the bare numbers do not suggest that the disease is a dangerous disease.
            The death rates from countries with tough measures and countries without tough measures differ only slightly, which speaks against the effectiveness of lockdown etc.
            And the numbers of positive tests are not comparable if one country tests a lot and another tests little. Only the numbers of corona deaths compared to the total population of a country, excess mortality and the percentage of positive tests are useful. All figures taken on their own are meaningless if they are not put into relation. Example: If one percent of the Chinese die, that's 1.5 million people, which sounds really bad, if one percent of the Swedes die, that's 10,000 people, which doesn't sound that bad anymore. But in both cases it is one percent of the population. Therefore, such numbers have no informational content unless you put them in relation to make them comparable.

            1. - There it is again the belittling sentence that everyone rushes to: "... not much more dangerous than a severe flu epidemic". With this seasonal flu, up to 30,000 people still die every year in D. ( But it would be much, much more if not so many people, especially the elderly, were vaccinated . Incidentally, there were far fewer cases of flu in this flu season than in previous years (, which is also an advantage of the "corona measures".
              - Why should one question the official figures (I assume they mean those in the western press) and not those of the Russian media?
              - As far as the danger of Covid is concerned, you can only get an idea if you have observed the disease over a long period of time. Even the Russian Ministry of Health is only reserving final figures for "the time after Corona".
              - Your sentence "The death rate from countries with tough measures and countries without tough measures differ only slightly ..." is quite simply wrong, but I have already calculated that today. Portugal is the best example in the last 3 months that a hard lockdown helps a lot. Feb 01. 291 deaths, between 6 and 8 deaths per day in early April. I don't even want to imagine how the number of deaths would have increased without lockdown.
              - "And the numbers of positive tests are not comparable" - I agree with you, but the number of incidences is comparable, because it always relates to 100,000 people, so the number of tests is almost irrelevant. Differences only arise when regions are exposed to different levels of pollution. Example: If one were to test predominantly in Saxony and Thuringia and the result were related to the whole of Germany, the incidence value would be higher than if one included MP or SHS. Ergo - the more tests in all regions, the more accurate the result will be.
              - If we were to use the free hospital beds as a yardstick, the local politicians could be thinking: “We can still hold our village festival, there are still beds available in the hospital.

              I replied to you again because I really appreciate your work outside of the Corona issue.
              Old hat wearers have to see for themselves how they cope with their fantasies, no one can help.

              1. "Old hat wearers have to see for themselves how they deal with their fantasies, nobody can help."

                Such sentences are always used when one has to fail to answer in order to preserve one's own view of the world. Poor performance, SusanneM., But understandable.

              2. So I was very happy to follow the discussion here (and don't have a final opinion on the subject) - but fighting terms such as “aluminum hat wearers” don't have to be real, just when you acknowledge that mostly people who are quite reflective write here.
                Hey Susanne M., don't you see that?

                1. Incidentally, I also found ... difficult ... that Thomas turned to the Corona issue. "Shoemaker, stick to your last". But he has to decide that.